Fall Fitness Week Is Here!

Fitness Week is back this Fall! Join us in Leach Center & at The Rez, October 17th - 21st for Fitness Week 2016. We will have activities each afternoon highlighting all that FSU Campus Recreation Fitness has to offer. Our complete Fitness Week schedule is:

Monday (10/17)
4-6pm in Leach Atrium: Bench Press Your Body Weight
Patrons will weigh-in then try to hit as many reps as possible with their body weight on the barbell bench.

5:30-6:30pm in Room 1: Monster Mash-Up Dance!*
Join the costume dance party! Get ready to shake & sweat to the spookiest Halloween playlist! 

Tuesday (10/18)

4-6pm in Leach Atrium: Broad & Box Jumps
Channel your inner athlete by testing your plyometric abilities.

6:15-7pm in Leach Pool: Pumpkin Relay with Paddleboard Squat Competition*
Come test your aquatic endurance with a series of fitness challenges.

Wednesday (10/19)

4-6pm in Leach Atrium: Flex Arm Hang
Can you hang? Test your muscular endurance in the chin-up position.

4-6pm in Leach Atrium: Tire Flip
How many times can you flip the tire in a minute?

Thursday (10/20)

5:30-7pm in Spinning Room: 90 Minute Spooky Ride*
Test your Fear! Come see what all the fuss is about in our heart-racing spin course.

6:15-7:15pm in Leach Pool: Tread for a Tee & Pumpkin Toss*
Get a chance to showcase your talents as you battle your way through treading water and tossing pumpkins!

Friday (10/21)

5:30pm at The Rez: Sunset Yoga*
Combine body postures, breathing techniques, and focus while increasing balance and flexibility

*Registration on Rec Connect required

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