Health and Safety Resources

This link will take you to the PDF version of the current American Red Cross  Manual. The link will not directly open up the PDF, but will allow you to download the manual to your personal device. After clicking on the link from this page, click on the blue "Download" link on the Google Drive page, and then click on the blue "Download Anyway" link on the subsequent Google Drive page and the PDF should begin to download immediately.

Lifeguard Manual 

Swim Instructor Manual

Swimming and Water Safety

Longfellow WHALE Tales

Video: Longfellow Intrduction and Lifeguards

Video: Longfellow-Look before you leap

Video: Longfellow-Think so you dont sink

Video: Longfellow- Reach Throw, Don't go

Video: Longfellow- Too much sun is no fun

Video: Longfellow- In your house and in your yard

Video: Longfellow-Don't just pack it, wear your jacket

Video: Longfellow- Wave, Tide, or Ride, Follow the Guide and Closing