Frequently Asked Questions

Are we hiring lifeguards?

Check out our Student Jobs Page for more information.

What is Proper Swim Attire?

Proper swim attire is required for all users of the FSU Natatorium.  This is required to ensure the safety of our patrons, cleanliness of our facility, clarity of our water and proper upkeep of our mechanical systems.

Clothing worn during exercise or prior to showering introduces additional organic compounds to the pool that will react with the chlorine, producing the chemicals that result in the chlorine smell of a pool (chloramines). These are not only unpleasant to the senses; they can also have an effect on the eyes and respiratory system.  Non-swim attire also absorbs additional bacteria, detergent and chemicals which are released into the water and can effect water chemistry and clarity.

  • Non-swim attire often breaks down in the water leaving behind particles of clothing that can clog and damage our filtration systems for the pool.
  • Non-swim attire in the Steam Room and Sauna also introduces additional bacteria to the surface of these areas which contributes to the spread of disease and germs.
  • To keep our facility clean and our patrons safe, we ask that all patrons wear proper swim attire and shower before entering our natatorium.

See our examples of proper swim attire.


When are Lanes Available?

See our Leach Pool Lane Schedule (being finalized 7/18) for details on lanes that may be reserved on a regular basis for classes, lessons, or groups.

During our peak hours proper lane etiquette is important for optimal use of the pool. Please see "Is it Time to Send Your Lap Swimmers to Finishing School" for proper lane etiquette techniques. 

Pool space will be limimited on dates listed below due to special events, trainings, and/or reservations.

Special Event Date Time Event Details

Do the Pool Hours Change?

Yes, the Natatorium, pool and spa area, will close early, or delaying opening, for days of trainings and unforeseen circumstances. 

Date Closure Time Reason

The pool and spa areas close 15 minutes before the Leach Center on normal operating days. See the Leach Center normal hours of operation for details.


Can I purchase a pool membership?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer a membership specifically for the pool, nor do we offer a day pass. You can purchase a Campus Recreation membership which provides access to all areas of the Leach Center, FMC, and FSU Reservation.

Morcom Aquatic Center does offer non-member swimming opportunities. Visit the Morcom web site for more details. 


Swim Lessons

  • Do you offer Private Swim Lessons?
    • Yes, please see our Private Lessons tab for further details. (currently in development 7/18)
  • Do you offer Youth Swim Lessons Year round?
    • We do not offer Youth Swim lessons year round.
    • Youth swim lessons are held during the spring and summer semesters.
  • Do you offer Adult Lessons?
    • Yes, we offer Adult Swim Lessons year round. These lessons are available to anyone interested in learning to swim. Please see our  Adult Swim Lesson tab for further detail.