All Campus Recreation members including students, staff, and affiliates have access to various services including lockers, towels, and equipment checkout.

Day-Use Lockers

Day-use lockers are located throughout the Leach Center and FMC for those who are only interested in short-term use during their visit. Sizes vary from just big enough for your wallet or phone to large enough for a bookbag or helmet. Day-use lockers are available for use FREE of charge and are one-time use only. The digital lockers require no key; you simply select a 4-digit code, enter it, secure your belongings, and close the locker. You'll enter the same code to retrieve your items when your workout is complete. These lockers are cleaned out nightly, so remember to clean out your locker after your workout to avoid having to pay an item-retrieval fee.

Semester & Annual Locker Rental

The Leach Center and FMC have over 600 lockers that are rented out on an annual or semester basis. At the beginning of each semester, the lockers that were not previously renewed go on sale at 6:30 a.m. on the first day of classes at the facility where your locker is located. Lockers cannot be transferred between members. Through August 3rd, half-size locker room lockers are $20 per semester, $50 for the year (plus tax). Full-size lockers are available for $185 for the first year and $75 per year for renewals.

Beginning August 6th, half-size locker room lockers are $30 per semester, $75 for the year (plus tax). Full-size lockers are available for $205 for the first year and $95 per year for renewals.

Locker Renewal

To renew a locker, you can visit Guest Services at the Front Desk of either the Leach Center or FMC. Or, renew online via Rec Connect. Select Programs & Services. You'll see semester and annual renewal options. Just enter your locker number and payment information and you'll be all set!

Towel Service Sponsored by SGA

Simply bring your ID to the Front Desk and receive a workout towel at no cost. Just remember to return your towel when your workout is complete! You are always welcome to bring one from home as well. Remember, towels are for you (wipe sweat off yourself), wipes are for machines. Use our sanitizing wipes, located in dispensers through our facilities, to wipe off fitness equipment prior your use.

Equipment Checkout & Purchase

The Leach Center and the FMC Front Desks have all the equipment you will need to recreate in the facility. Items such as basketballs, volleyballs, racquets, paddles, and jump ropes are available for checkout at no cost to members. Just bring by your student ID.

Consumable items such as racquetballs, squash balls, and table tennis balls are available for purchase from the Leach Front Desk. We also stock aquatics accessories such as goggles. Plus, we have Campus Rec gear at low prices (how about a t-shirt for just $5!).