NEW! Intramural Sports Registration is being powered by IMLeagues 


Effective Summer 2018, FSU Intramural Sports registration, team schedules, scores, and statistics have moved to IMLeagues. Get help on registering your team as a team captain or yourself as a player below. An important note, it is not required to join IMLeagues for all of our participants. It's only required for captains, but we strongly recommend it for everyone because it helps teams stay organized and verifies eligibility for anyone added to team rosters. Plus, the stats features are pretty cool!

If you have any issues logging in or with eligibility, send us an email via our Contact Us page (or directly at or give us a call at (850) 644-2430.

How to Use IMLeagues

Activate Your IMLeagues Account

  1. Follow the link to our secure log-in portal to get to IMLeagues
  2. Log in with your FSU Username and Pa ssword
  3. Follow the instructions to “Click the image below to continue to the registration site” on the page
  4. Verify that your information is correct on the IMLeagues account page:
    1. Your FSU Card Number and Last Name must match what you have on your University Account

Create a Team

  1. Login following the IMLeagues Login link
  2. Once logged in, click on the link / image to access IMLeagues
  3. Select a sport with a registration period that is open
  4. Select the league and division (if applicable) that you want to sign up for
  5. Click “Create Team”
  6. Read and agree to the terms on the waiver / take captain's quiz (if applicable)
  7. Fill in team name
  8. Select options on if you want to:
    1. Auto-accept members (allows anyone in the system to join your team)
    2. Looking for free agents (publishes on division/league page if you need more players)
  9. Fill in contact info for our office to contact you:
    1. Your information will never be given to an outside entity or used for any other purpose
    2. Allow Updates via Text (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED NEW FEATURE!)
  10. Click “Create Team”
  11. You have created a team and should receive a confirmation email and will be notified when the schedules are published

Join an Existing Team

  1. Login following the IMLeagues Login link
  2. Once logged in, click on the link / image to return to IMLeagues
  3. Select sport/league/division of the team you want to join
  4. Find the team in the list and on the right of the row for that team select “Join Team”

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we changing to IMLeagues?

IMLeagues allows us to streamline and consolidate our registration for sports. It allows teams to manage their roster more effectively to eliminate multiple registrations and helps with participant eligibility concerns by allowing captains to add players to the roster as soon as they’ve created a team. It has a more user-friendly platform for participants that tracks participation and stats, and a free agent function that allows participants to see what teams are looking for players. There is also a live support chat feature if you have website specific questions. Any program specific questions (eligibility, scheduling, comments and concerns) should still be directed to the staff in the Intramural Sports Office.

What can I do if I am showing up as ineligible in IMLeagues but think I should be eligible?

If you've successfully logged in through the Rec Connect portal, there could be a few things going on.

  • Students:
  1. If you're not enrolled in classes in the current term, you're not eligible. 
    • You can buy a continuing student membership from Guest Services at the Leach center if you're enrolled both the semesters before and after the current semester
    • This applies for students taking Summer C courses but not Summer A or B (would be ineligible for participation during Summer B without a pass)
  2. If you are taking classes this term:
    • Try to to log-in through the RecConnect portal with your FSU ID
    • If you're still ineligible, a configuration issue on our end is flagging you as ineligible, please contact us (email or call (850) 644-2430).
  3. If you've been suspended for a violation of our Seven Principles of Intramural Sports, you must submit a statement regarding the incident and then schedule a meeting with with an IM Administrator. You can submit your statement at
  • Faculty / StaffIf
  1. If you're full-time faculty or staff of the University, and don't have a Campus Rec Membership, you may need to complete this IMLeagues Account Form to gain access to an IMleagues account. But it will in no way effect your eligibility to play intramurals, just your access to the online program.
Who is affected by this change?

Any current or future Intramural participant in our program.

What is IMLeagues?

IMLeagues is a registration program specifically created for Intramural sports programs and is used on over 1,000 other campuses. It is a registration portal for creating teams; it is a roster management program; and it has a built in messenger application so we can better communicate with all of our participants.

When will the change to IMLeagues take place?

We are switching effective the start of summer 2018!

Where can you access IMLeagues?

You can go through our website at or directly through our secure log-in portal to IMLeagues 

How can you get the most out of it?

Create your account, explore what the program offers, sign up teams and manage your roster.