The Rec Connect Home Page

When you arrive at the Rec Connect Home Page, you currently have two primary options. (1) Browse Courses without signing in by clicking "Register" in the navigation bar at the top or (2) Go ahead and sign in to your Rec Connect account either in the upper right of the screen or by clicking on SIGN-IN about halfway down the page.

The Sign In Page

If you choose to sign-in, you'll jump to this page, where you'll enter your username and password in the boxes halfway down the page. FSU students and staff will use their FSU campus login and password (same as Blackboard). Other Campus Rec patrons will need to request a special login for Rec Connect (request here).

Browsing Courses

Clicking on Courses in the navigation bar at the top brings you to this page of Course Categories. It will display all courses available in Campus Recreation across all program areas. To sort by a particular area, simply click on the program link on the left.

Group Fitness Courses

Clicking on "Group Fitness" shortens the list of courses. Note that for Group Fitness, only those courses with active online registration are shown. Registration becomes active 25 hours before the class session begins and ends 1 hour before the session time. So, you'll need to refresh to see courses show in the list as the time approaches.

Course Descriptions

By clicking on a course, you will see a description of the course.

Scroll Down to See Specific Course Sessions

Scroll down to see a listing of the specific sessions by time that are available. Note you will see the specific day and time of the session in the title bar and again below with the course location. On the right, you'll see the number of spots remaining. And, either a "Register Now" (if you have not signed in) or a "Add to Cart" button to select the course. Click on this button to register for the course. If you have not yet signed in, you'll be redirected to the sign-in page at this time, then return to click again.

The Course Registration Page

When you click "Add to Cart", you'll get our Registration Form which shows your name and course information at the top and some important reminders. For select courses, you may be required to enter additional information on this screen. To submit your registration, click on "Next: Add to Cart" button.

Finalize Your Registration in the Shopping Cart

Group Fitness courses are FREE at Leach, so you'll have courses with no price in your cart. You must click on "Checkout" to complete the registration process. No payment information is required.

Rec Connect Confirmation Screen

Once you see "Your Order was Processed Successfully", your course registration is complete. An email is automatically sent to your FSU account with a course confirmation page. You do NOT need to print this out (save a tree!). But, if you would like to view the information, you can click on the PDF icon. The same document is attached to the confirmation email that you will receive.

Course Registration Confirmation PDF

Here's a sample of that PDF document that you will receive in the automatic email. You do NOT need to print this form.

Double Check Your Registration

You can double-check your registration by clicking on My Account in the upper right, then scrolling down to Course Registrations under Additional Information.

Don't Forget to Sign Out of Rec Connect

Quickly click on "Sign Out" in the upper right of the screen to sign out of your Rec Connect account.

Arrive on Time for Your Session

Check-in for your class begins at 15 minutes prior to your session at the studio door. There is NO check-in required at the Fitness Counter. All registered participants must be in line to be checked in 15 minutes prior to class time or your place will be given to a Standby Line member.

All Full? Try the Standby Line

Courses will indeed fill up. But, there may be cancellations or no-shows that open spaces for others. There is a sign located outside every studio indicating where the standby line begins. Five minutes prior to class starting, the instructor will assess any available spots left in the class and allow people from the standby line to fill those spots. We will reach a certain point that we know we won't have room for extras in the class, so we don't want to waste your time!

Need to Cancel?

It happens, but we're tracking cancellations so don't do it too often! You must cancel at least 1 hour in advance of the class time. To cancel, simply complete our class registration cancellation form online.

Registration cancellations are only accepted via online form. Be prepared to give your full name, email address, and the name, date, and time of the class you wish to cancel. No in-person or call-in cancellations are accepted. Too many no-shows and your registration privileges will be suspended for all Campus Rec course registrations!

Learn more about Group Fitness Course Registration including specific policies, procedures and penalties.