The Rec Connect Home Page

When you arrive at the Rec Connect Home Page, you currently have two primary options. (1) Browse clubs without signing in by clicking "Register" in the navigation bar at the top or (2) Go ahead and sign in to your Rec Connect account either in the upper right of the screen or by clicking on SIGN-IN about halfway down the page.

The Sign In Page

If you choose to sign-in, you'll jump to this page, where you'll enter your username and password in the boxes halfway down the page. FSU students and staff will use their FSU campus login and password (same as Blackboard). Other Campus Rec patrons will need to request a special login for Rec Connect (request here).

Change the Term to Annual 15-16

Clicking on "Register" in the navigation bar at the top brings you to this page of Course Categories. First, click to change the view from the current term to "Annual 15-16". All sport clubs are listed in the Annual term in Rec Connect.

Select Your Club

Browse through the list of clubs and click on your club.

Register for Your Sport Club

By clicking on a club, you will see more information and the "Register Now" button. Click "Register Now" to add yourself to the official club roster.

Review and Agree to the Waiver

Read the waiver at the top of the page (scroll down the window as needed). To agree to the terms of the waiver and add yourself to the club roster, click the "Accept Now & Register" button in the lower right. If you do not agree, click "Decline Waiver" and contact the Sport Club Office at 850-644-7902 for more information. You cannot participate in any club activities until you have read and completed the waiver (consent form) and are officially added to the roster.

Add an Emergency Contact

An emergency contact is required for each sport club member. If you do not have one listed, you will add one through this step. A phone number and email is required for your contact. Click the "Add an Emergency Contact" button to get started.

Type in Your Emergency Contact's Name, Phone Number, and Email

Fill in the blanks and click "Save".

Add Your Registration to Your Cart

Once your emergency contact appears, simply click "Next: Add to Cart" to start processing your registration.

Checkout to Finalize Your Registration

Click "Checkout" to finalize your registration and receive a confirmation.

Rec Connect Confirmation Screen

Once you see "Your Order was Processed Successfully", your registration as a club member is complete. An email is automatically sent to your FSU account with a course confirmation page and a copy of this waiver for your records.

Double Check Your Registration

You can double-check your registration by clicking on My Account in the upper right, then scrolling down to Course Registrations under Additional Information.

Don't Forget to Sign Out of Rec Connect

Quickly click on "Sign Out" in the upper right of the screen to sign out of your Rec Connect account.