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FSU Campus Recreation
IM Sports
Availability and Reservation Process / Approved and Prohibited Activities / Reservation Periods /
Rain Policy / Cancellations and No Shows / Supervision Fee / Facility Supervision /
Conditions of a Reservation

Effective August 1, 2010.

Availability and Reservation Process
Sport clubs and other FSU recognized student organizations can reserve the Rec SportsPlex Tournament Building meeting rooms at no charge for meetings, presentations, and trainings. Contact the Director of Competitive Sports Facilities at 850-644-7699 to get started on your request.

The Tournament Building meeting rooms are available for reservations that begin no earlier than the regularly scheduled opening time of the Rec SportsPlex and conclude no later than 30 minutes prior to regularly scheduled closing of the facility. Reservations include access to the meeting rooms only and do not permit users in the designated staff areas or shower facilities, which are available only by special request.

Reservation requests must be received by 4:30 pm at least 7 days (1 week) in advance of requested date to be considered. Due to time and space limitations, individual organizations will be limited to one weekly reservation of the Tournament Building meeting space. Reservations may be revised or cancelled with 48 hours' notice if a Campus Recreation or University event of higher priority is later scheduled.

Charges will apply for approved reservations that occur during non-operating hours. Such after-hours use will be billed utilizing the hourly supervisor rate appropriate for the reserving group. All other facility fees and fines will apply for damage. Additionally, for any sport club, FSU recognized student organization, and University group and organization events that have any type of exchange of money (admission fee, donation, selling items, or auctions), there will be a facility rental fee assessed to the reservation in addition to other supervisor charges.

For field events at the Rec SportsPlex, reserving groups can request the use of the Tournament Building as part of the event. Use of the Tournament Building during other scheduled on-field events at the Rec SportsPlex is governed by the Facility Reservation & Rental Guidelines, available separately.

Approved and Prohibited Activities
Acceptable activities for the RSP Tournament Building include team or organizational meetings, organizational presentations, staff training sessions, and tournament operational meetings. The distribution of food and drink is permitted in this facility.

Prohibited activities in the RSP Tournament Building include, but are not limited to, physical activities such as indoor soccer or any other activity typically conducted outdoors. Arts and crafts that include paint or permanent inks of any kind are not permitted in this building. Water activities are also not permitted inside this facility. Cooking or the preparation of uncooked foods is not permitted.

Any misrepresentation of an event or guest can result in the cancellation of the event(s), the loss of privileges in Campus Recreation, and loss of privileges in other FSU facilities such as the Oglesby Union, Student Services Building, Student Life Building, and Academic Space.

Reservation Periods

Reserving groups shall consider event preparation and clean-up time as part of their reservation request. Any event that has not ended or any event that has not been cleaned up by closing time of the Rec SportsPlex will be assessed an overtime charge of $25 per hour (or portion thereof). An excessive clean-up fee up to $300 may be assessed. Campus Recreation staff has the right to enter an event to insure that there are no violations to Campus Recreation or University policy or to insure safety and a successful event.

Reserving Space Outside of Operating Hours
If a guest wishes to book an event in the RSP Tournament Building outside of the stated availability period (beginning before or ending after the period), an overtime fee of $25 will be assessed for each hour outside of the normal facility operating hours. Any request for early openings or late closings must to be requested fourteen (14) days before the event.

Tournament Building Rain Policy
In the event of inclement weather on a night on which a sport club or other organization has a scheduled practice at the Rec SportsPlex, the club or organization may relocate to the Tournament Building for the duration of their scheduled practice time. Use of the meeting room during these instances is on an as-is basis. Facility staff will not rearrange rooms to accommodate unscheduled groups.

For groups in which an in-progress practice is halted due to facility closure, use of the Tournament Building meeting rooms must be indicated to facility staff by within 15 minutes of the cancellation of practice.

For groups in which a later practice is cancelled due to facility closure after 4:00 pm, the club's President or Practice Coordinator must indicate the club's intent to use the space within 30 minutes of being contacted by the facility staff.

For groups in which a scheduled practice is cancelled due to facility closure before 4:00 pm, the club's President or Practice Coordinator must indicate the club's intent to use the space by contacting the Intramural Sports and Sport Club Office by 4:30 pm.

Clubs that indicate their intent to utilize the space and fail to show up for the reservation are subject to loss of privileges to use the space for up to 30 days or the payment of fine equal to the hours of facility supervision utilized during the reserved time period.

Use of the Tournament Building during inclement weather is subject to all related building policies. Users are responsible for leaving the meeting room in the condition it was when first occupied including proper cleaning of the room at departure. Facility fines will apply for damage or excessive clean-up.

Multiple Organization Use Conflicts
In the event that multiple club or organization practices are rained out and said clubs each request the use of the Tournament Building meeting rooms, priority will be given to the club or organization who has used the space the least during the current semester. If an equal number of uses exists, the club who has not most recently used the space shall be given priority. If neither group has utilized the space in the current semester, a coin toss shall determine priority.

If for any reason a reservation needs to be cancelled, reserving groups must notify the Intramural Sports and Sport Club Office. Cancellations must be made by 5:00 pm at least two (2) business days prior to the event date. Failure to do so will result in the event being considered a no show.

No Shows
If a guest does not show up within 30 minutes after the start time of the reservation, the guest will be recorded as a no-show for that event. After three no shows without canceling, the guest is subject to loss of its reservation privileges within Campus Recreation, Oglesby Union, Student Services Building, Student Life Building, and Academic Space at Florida State University.

Supervisor Fee
Campus Recreation will employ a facility supervisor(s) for all facility reservations to assist with facility issues and in emergency situations. 

Hourly Supervisor Fee During Non-Operating Hours
Group Fee per Supervisor per Hour
Sport Clubs $10.00
University Groups & Organizations $10.00
University-Related Groups & Organizations $15.00
Non-University Related Groups & Organizations $20.00
A Facility Supervisor is Required for All Events, Campus Recreation May Require
Additional Supervision Based on the Scope of the Event

Facility Supervision of the Event
At least one Campus Recreation Facility Supervisor is required to be present to supervise the facility during a group’s reservation.  The staff member(s) will unlock/lock the facility and provide assistance in the event of an emergency.  A facility supervisor is required for all groups with a facility reservation. An hourly charge based on group classification will be assessed to groups for the facility supervisor(s) for events scheduled outside of the normal operating hours of the facility.

Conditions for Facility Use
The sponsor of the event/reservation is responsible for the actions of the participants.  In addition, all participants should be informed of and shall adhere to published university and FSU Campus Recreation policies, regulations, guidelines, and local, state and federal laws. Failure to adhere to said regulations may result in immediate termination of the event.

Rental parties and related participants are only permitted to enter the facility within the designated time of the reservation. Should your event be delayed due to weather or some unforeseen circumstance, the facility supervsior has the authority to extend your requested time. All facilities will be opened by Campus Recreation employees. If the facilities are not vacated in a resonable amount of time at the conclusion of the reservation period or upon other request, FSU Police will be notified.

Any group approved to use the facilities will be responsible for returning the facility to its pre-event condition.  All groups are responsible for any related facility or field clean-up.  “Unsatisfactory condition” is defined as an area that is not properly cleaned, and equipment or space that is not properly returned to the condition it was in prior to the group’s arrival.  A Campus Recreation representative will make the determination and has the final say as to the condition of the facility and equipment used.  Groups leaving spaces in “unsatisfactory condition” will lose their reservation deposit and may be assessed a cleaning fee depending on the extent of the damage. 

Guest Conduct
Any guests of a Campus Recreation facility may not be disruptive or disturb other guests and/or employees. Excessive noise or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and the Campus Recreation staff will have any person disrupting the Rec SportsPlex operation and Campus Recreation events removed.

Invoicing and Payment
Final payment of all charges must be arranged at least 48 hours prior to the reservation.
Call the Intramural Sports Staff at 850.644.2430 or email us for more information.