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Tully Scoreboard and Console Troubleshooting Manual - If you are having issues connecting a console to its proper scoreboard, read through this manual before putting in a ticket or grabbing a table top scoreboard. If you have exhausted this resource then put a ticket in with the scoreboard and console that are having issues.

Virtual TimeClock Installation Instructions - If you log onto one of the payroll computers for the first time and have not installed the payroll software under your account follow this How To to gain access to Clock-In/Clock-Out software.

Virtual TimeClock Clock In & Out Instructions - Once you've gained access to the new payroll software follow these steps to learn how to clock in and out.

Go Pro How To - Follow the link if you have never worked with a Go Pro. in this how to are: opening the case, replacing the battery, turning on the wifi, connecting the WiFi to a device, using the GoPro App.

Go Pro Office How To -  Follow the link if you work in thBasketball  In this how to are: uploading the previous night's footage, properly saving the video files, preparing the SD cards for that evenings sports.

Equipment Check Out Form - Follow this link to use the equipment form when Fusion is down or having issues. 

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