Memberships for other members of the FSU community including faculty, staff, and alumni plus affiliates of each group are available.  See pricing options for 2017-18 below.


Available through Friday, August 3rd for new members.  Pricing available to renewing members through Friday, August 31st.
Prices do not include sales tax. Discounts are available for 4-month and 12-month membership terms.
Have questions? Email our Member Services Coordinator or give us a call at 850-644-0548.

Current Students$0

Supported by SGA
  • Includes Current FSU Students
  • In-Person Courses on Main Campus Required
  • Payment of A&S Fee Assessed per Credit Hour

Continuing students$60

Per Semester
In Person Only
  • Includes Returning FSU Students Not Enrolled in Current Term
  • Includes Current FSU Students Not Assessed the A&S Fee
  • $60 Semester Membership


Per Month
In Person Only
  • Includes FSU Alumni
  • Includes Alumni Affiliates
  • $135 4-Month Membership
  • $375 12-Month Membership

* Continuing student memberships are sold by the semester only at the rate of $60 per semester (approximately $15 per month), except in the summer when a half-semester continuing student membership is available for $30 for either the B or C six-week term.
^ Memberships for student affiliates are sold only on a semester basis at the 4-month University membership rate.


Our "Plus-One" membership option available to all members. Each member may purchase an affiliate membership for one spouse, partner, roommate, or friend at the same rate as their own membership.

Affiliate memberships permit access associated with the Universal Membership as outlined above. Affiliate memberships do NOT permit participation in Intramural Sports games, leagues, tournaments or events nor participation in Sport Club practices, games, leagues, tournaments, or events.

Affiliate memberships for staff and alumni may be purchased for any length up to the membership term of the purchasing member. In other words, if the member has a 4-month membership, their affiliate membership may be either a month-to-month membership or a 4-month membership. If for any reason, the purchasing member discontinues their membership, the affiliate membership is also discontinued.

Affiliate memberships for current students and continuing students are available only on a semester-by-semester basis and are assessed at the 4-month University membership rate.


Campus Recreation Universal Memberships provide members with the following during normal operating hours:

  • Unlimited access to the Leach Student Recreation Center
  • Unlimited access to the Fitness & Movement Clinic
  • Unlimited access to the Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, and Rec SportsPlex for pick-up games and open recreation
  • Free gate admission to the FSU Reservation Waterfront Park
  • Most group fitness classes at the Leach Center and FMC

As a member, you also have access to the following programs and services at great member rates:

  • Personal training services and small group training programs at the Leach Center and FMC
  • Fitness assessment services at the Leach Center and FMC
  • Watercraft rental for use on Lake Bradford at the FSU Reservation
  • Youth and adult swim lessons from FSU Aquatics at the Leach Center

Student Affiliate, University, University Affiliate, Alumni, and Alumni Affiliate memberships do NOT permit access to Intramural Sports or Sport Club activities. Thus, these members have:

  • No access to play in an Intramural Sports league, tournament, or event (cannot join a team)
  • Intramural Sports eligibility information is available in the Seven Principles of Intramural Sports
  • No access to participate in Sport Club practices, games, or events (membership not permitted)
  • Sport Club eligibility information is available in the Sport Club Guidebook