Rez Days

It’s time to have some fun and relax at the FSU Reservation!

Rez Days Presents: Study Space

Saturday, December 9: 12 Noon until 5:30 PM

We understand how stressful final exams can be. De-stress and break up your study routine at the Rez! Whether you're out in the sun or inside on your laptop, Study Space brings you the ultimate study experience. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to engage in relaxing activities during your study breaks with free food, relaxing music, yoga on the lawn, and more. We have heated indoor spaces, beautiful views, plenty of power, and wifi for all.

Getting to the Rez

Drive to the Rez. Jump to our Map & Directions page or punch in 3226 Flastacowo Road, Tallahassee, FL 3231 into your phone.

Need a ride to the Rez? The Rez Ride is available by calling 850-644-SAFE from anywhere on the FSU campus.