The Badminton Club allows members to further develop their badminton knowledge and skills, and simply enjoy the sport of badminton. Open to everyone, no prior skill needed. Badminton is a racket sport that is played by two opposing players. The Badminton Club at FSU was founded in 2008 by several students with the passion of playing badminton. Till now, we still maintain the joy of recreation as the main idea of our club.

  FSU Badminton

Quick Facts

  •   Roster Size: Approximately 35
  •   Home Field & Practice Space: Leach Recreation Center, basketball court 3
  •   Practice Times: two days a week, three hours per day
  •   Regular Opponents: We have attended the University of Florida Badminton Tournament occasionally. We also host our tournament about once a year.

Recent Accomplishments

  •   Jiao Sima placed 3rd at the Gator Smash tournament this past November.