The Fencing Club at Florida State University was founded in 1957. The goal of The Fencing Club has always been to encourage the growth and development of fencing as a sport and to disseminate information about fencing on the FSU campus and within its supporting community. We are a competitive club but do offer a five week beginner course at the beginning of each semester.

  FSU Fencing    @FencingClub_FSU

Quick Facts

  •   Roster Size: Approximately 20
  •   Home Facility & Practice Space: Tully Gymnasium
  •   Practice Times: two days a week, two hours per day
  •   Governing Body: United States Fencing Association (USFA)
  •   Regular Opponents: We frequently attend tournaments throughout the Southeast with schools like: University of Miami, University of South Florida, University of Florida, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia.

Recent Accomplishments

  •   Joshua Logan and Pablo Gonzalez both received their USFA D13 ratings this past semester. Also in Fall 2013, hosted first home tournament in the last 5 years.