Field Hockey

The field hockey club caters to all skill levels although the bulk of the team is made up of foreign players or players from up north and therefore people who have been exposed to the game before or played it up till now. The club is recreational but has a competitive side as we do plan and organize at least 3 to 4 trips a year for tournaments which amounts to about 5 or 6 games. The club has been a consistent fixture since 2007 and had some sporadic activity in the years preceding that.

  FSU Field Hockey    @FSUFieldHockey

Quick Facts

  •   Roster Size: 20
  •   Home Field & Practice Space: FSU Rec SportsPlex
  •   Fall Practice Times: two days a week, two hours per day
  •   Spring Practice Times: one day a week, two hours per day
  •   Governing Body: National Field Hockey League
  •   Regular Opponents: University of Tampa, USF, Emory, Clemson, USC and University of Miami

Recent Accomplishments

  •   Recently we made a trip up to USC for a tournament where we played two games against new opposition and won both to take the tournament. We also had an undefeated season.