Program Overview

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The Intramural Iron Man Program was created to recognize team captains for their hard work and dedication to creating a positive experience for every participant within the IM program. The program is available to any eligible intramural participant that has captained a team, or is going to captain a team, between the 2017 Summer C semester through the end of the 2018 Summer B semester. Participants in the program are rewarded for successfully captaining any team through a full regular sport season, not including the playoffs, by completing the guidelines outlined below. Upon completion of the season, program participants will be awarded points based off the sport team they captained and can use these points to redeem Intramural Iron Man gear at the Intramural Office. If you have any questions about participating in the Intramural Iron Man Program you can contact the intramural office at 850-644-2430 and our staff will be happy to help you.

Program Requirements

  • Enroll in the program by completing the Intramural Iron Man registration form.
  • Must be currently eligible to participate in Intramural Sports, for more information about eligibility you can visit our fair play principles page.
  • Must have successfully registered your team during the regular registration period and completed all of the captains requirements to be placed into a league for that sport. View upcoming sports on our Intramural Sports page.
  • Must maintain a team sportsmanship average above 3.0 throughout the course of the sport's regular season and be eligible to participate in that sport's playoffs.
  • Cannot have any forfeits throughout the course of the sport's regular season. Captains may utilize a default during the regular season as long as it does not count as a forfeit. More information regarding forfeits and defaults can be found on our organization principles page.

Program Rewards

Points are eligible to be redeemed once they have appeared on the tracking sheet. If you believe that there is an error with your points, contact the staff Points will only be available to be redeemed between the time frame outlined in the program overview. Points will not carry over to time frames before or after the designated time period.. Points can be redeemed for the following items:

  • Tank Top – 80 Points
  • Beanie – 40 Points
  • Aluminum Sports Bottle – 25 Points
  • Lanyard – 20 Points
  • Koozie – 10 Points

To redeem points, stop by the Intramural Sports Office in 1035 Tully Gym during normal business hours.