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Last Updated for Summer 2015

No Tobacco and No Alcohol are permitted in Tully Gym. Violators will be ejected. No Food and No Flavored Drinks are allowed on the Gym Floor. Only Bottled Water is permitted.


Players MUST be current, fee-paying Florida State University students, faculty or full-time staff. FAMU and TCC students are NOT eligible for FSU IM sports and events. (See Fair Play Principle) Each player MUST present his/her valid FSUCard to the IM staff at the designated sign-in location (Tully Gym lobby) prior to each game in order to participate. (See Participation Principle)

Players are added to a team’s roster during the check-in process in Tully Gym. New players may be added to a team’s roster prior to any regular season game and prior to any playoff game, except on the day of the league/campus championship. Once signed in for a team, a player may not change to another team during the regular season or playoffs. (See Participation Principle)

A team must have two (2) players to begin a game. One (1) players constitute a default. No players signed-in at game time will result in a forfeit. Substitutions may be made after a basket, a foul or stoppage of play.


Games consist of two 10-minute halves with a 3-minute halftime. The clock will run continuously for the entire game. The official time will be kept for all games on a large scoreboard clock. There are NO timeouts. In the event of injury, time will be kept by an IM staff member for the affected game.

Winners need only win by one point. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, the winner will be determined by a shootout. The shootout will consist of the three players from each team shooting free throws. A coin flip will decide the order that the teams shoot. Each player will shoot one free throw. The team with the highest total made will be the winner. If there remains a tie, a sudden-victory shootout will occur.

All converted shots inside the 3-point arc will count for 1 point. All made shots from outside the 3-point arc will count for 2 points. Players should announce the score following each basket.

Each team will be required to take a shot at the basket within 15 seconds after taking possession. This rule has been implemented to eliminate a team from stalling to retain possession near the end of the game. 


Possession to start a game/overtime will be determined by a coin toss. Ball possession changes after a made basket unless a foul is awarded. The imaginary "check line" is at the three point line. To start a game, after a score or when a foul is awarded, a player must pass the ball in from this check line. On defensive rebounds or steals, the ball need only be taken anywhere beyond the line.

The defense MUST take the ball behind the check line on any play in which they gain possession. Whether or not the ball has been shot or has touched the rim does NOT affect this rule. In the event that the defense obtains possession and does not take the ball behind the check line AND then attempts a shot, the shot and any related activity will be disregarded and a turnover will result. The "new defense" is awarded the ball behind the check line.

There is NO dunking or hanging on the rim permitted AT ANY TIME including during the game. 


Teams will call their own fouls. An individual player cannot foul out of the game, but may be ejected for any cause by a court monitor or an IM supervisor.

Common fouls (non-shooting) result in loss of possession for the offending team.

Offensive fouls shall result in disallowing any converted basket and loss of possession.

Shooting fouls with a missed basket shall result in retained possession for the shooting team (recheck).

Shooting fouls with a converted basket shall result in the basket counted and loss of possession (no penalty, play continues as if there were no foul with the defense taking the ball).


Fighting or excessive arguing can result in participant and spectator ejections or team dismissal from league or tournament play. Participants or spectators ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to suspension from the spring 5-on-5 IM basketball season.