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Last Updated for Summer 2015

No Tobacco and No Alcohol are permitted in Tully Gym. Violators will be ejected. No Food and No Flavored Drinks are allowed on the Gym Floor. Only Bottled Water is permitted.


Players MUST be current, fee-paying Florida State University students, faculty or full-time staff. FAMU and TCC students are NOT eligible for FSU IM sports and events. (See Fair Play Principle) Each player MUST present his/her valid FSUCard to the IM staff at the designated sign-in location (Tully Gym lobby) prior to each game in order to participate. (See Participation Principle)

Players are added to a team’s roster during the check-in process in Tully Gym. New players may be added to a team’s roster prior to any regular season game and prior to any playoff game, except on the day of the league/campus championship. Once signed in for a team, a player may not change to another team during the regular season or playoffs. (See Participation Principle)

Games are 5-on-5. Team rosters may include an unlimited number of players. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to start a game. Game time is forfeit time.

Appropriate gym shoes are required. Players must wear similar colored, numbered jerseys/shirts or the numbered pinnies available courtside.

Jewelry is NOT allowed to be worn by any participant during IM basketball. This jewelry consists of any visible rings (including wedding rings), watches, necklaces, earrings, studs, bracelets and any other such similar jewelry. Taping of jewelry is not permitted. Only medical alert bracelets are permitted. Headwear is also prohibited. Following a team warning, if a player is found wearing illegal equipment during the game, he/she will be assessed a technical foul.


Intramural Basketball is played following high school (National Federation) rules with few exceptions.

Dunking is PROHIBITED at all times in all leagues. Any dunk attempt in which a player contacts the rim shall result in disallowed points and a technical foul assessed to the violating player. Grasping the rim by a player of either team shall result in a technical foul. Violators are also subject to immediate ejection and suspension from further IM basketball play for blatant violations.

Games consist of two 20-minute halves. A running clock is used during the entire 1st half and until 2 minutes remain in the 2nd half (clock stops only for team timeouts). During the final two minutes of the 2nd half, the clock will stop as in high school basketball. The clock will not stop following made baskets.

Teams receive 3 timeouts per game. Timeouts are 1-minute in length. There are no 30-second or 20-second timeouts. Only those players on the court may call a timeout. Coaches may not call timeouts.

There is no overtime in any regular season games. Overtime in playoff games will be a 2-minute period. Overtime will begin with a jump ball at center court. All foul totals and unused timeouts carry over from the second half. Each team will receive an additional timeout for each overtime period.

If a team is leading by 30 points or more at the 5:00 mark of the 2nd half, or a team attains a lead of 30 points or more during the final 5 minutes of the game, the game will end (30 at 5 mercy rule). A running clock will be used during the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half if a team is leading by at least 20 points (20 at 2 clock rule).

Bonus free throws will be shot throughout the game. Teams will shoot 1-and-1 for team fouls 7, 8, and 9 in each half and 2 shots for fouls 10 and above. There are no bonus free throws shot following player control or team control fouls.


Sportsmanship is an essential part of intramural sports. Players and spectators shall show respect towards opponents and game officials at all times. Teams receive a sportsmanship rating at the conclusion of each game on a scale of 0 to 4. Teams must maintain a 3.0 average to continue participating in the league or tournament. Misconduct of players or team spectators may result in ejection and/or forfeiture of the game.

All teams, regardless of record, with a 3.0 or better sportsmanship average advance to the playoffs. Playoff draw meetings are held and schedules are posted online during the final week of the regular season.