Registration Cancelation and Forfeit Fine Overview

Ensuring that your team has an opponent to play when scheduled is a continuing goal of the FSU Intramural Sports program. But, that goal takes commitment from our registered teams to show up to play when scheduled. FSU Intramural Sports has implemented registration cancelation and team forfeit fines as an added incentive to help ensure that your opponent will be there to play in its scheduled contests.

Who is Affected by the Fines?
Over 90% of our registered teams WILL NOT BE AFFECTED by these fines. The vast majority of Intramural Sports remain free to play for current students and full-time faculty & staff. There is NO COST to register and play sports such as soccer, basketball, dodgeball, flag football, volleyball, or kickball (and dozens of others), as long as your team indeed comes out to play when scheduled.

If you register a team, then the team participates in all of its regular season and tournament games (win or lose), there is NO change for you or your team and NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!

However, those teams that register then later cancel their registration after the registration period ends OR simply do not show up for a game will be charged a fine. The fine is assessed to the team captain who registered the team. It's up to $20 for a late cancelation and up to $30 when a team forfeits because it does not have enough players to play at game time.

What Does This Mean for Team Captains?
Well, make sure you have enough players BEFORE registering your team. There are several ways you can cancel a registration without penalty. And, there are other ways to avoid a fine, as listed below.

In the end, the goal is to have more committed teams at the start of the season, thereby reducing forfeits during the season. Less forfeits and more games for those teams that show up to the courts or fields to play!

Who is Considered the Team Captain?
The official team captain for an Intramural Sports team is determined during the registration process.

The person that registers the team in one of our online systems or by completing paperwork in the Intramural Sports Office is the team captain of record. To change the team captain, the new captain may complete a team captain change form anytime during the season in the Intramural Sports Office in 1035 Tully Gym.

How Do I Avoid a Cancelation Fine?
It's easy and takes just a bit of responsibility on the part of the team captain. Once you have registered a team you may...
(1) Cancel the registration by sending an email to the Intramural Sports staff via the IM web site by the assigned deadline, OR
(2) Cancel the registration by submitting a written notice to the Intramural Sports Office in 1035 Tully Gym by the assigned deadline.

Teams that have properly registered by the end of the designated registration period are locked into the league and may not drop out without the assessment of a $10-$20 cancelation fine. 

When Must I Cancel My Registration to Avoid a Fine?
- For any team registered in a day and time specific league, a cancelation must be received by the date and time the registration period ends. Email or written notice is required. Note that call-in cancelations are NOT accepted.
- For wait list teams that are contacted by the IM staff and offered a playing day and time after the registration period ends, the team captain will not have an opportunity to cancel once he/she confirms the placement of the team in a particular spot in the league.
- Teams that wish to not participate in the postseason may drop out of the league without penalty at the conclusion of the regular season. The team captain shall notify the IM staff through email or written notice by the start of the playoff draw meeting for their division (or prior to the start of the last week of the regular season for sports without a playoff draw meeting). Such teams must finish playing any remaining regular season games to avoid a forfeit fine.

While there is still a fine, team captains save up to $10 by contacting the IM Sports Office to drop out of the league ($20 cancelation fine) rather than simply not showing up for their first scheduled game (up to a $30 forfeit fine).

How Can I Avoid a Forfeit Fine During the Season?
Of course, the easiest way is to have enough players show up to play! But, there are occasions where your team may be short of the required number. Fortunately, the default procedure remains in effect that allows any team a FREE pass as long as they meet certain conditions.

(1) The Advance Default If you know your team will not be able to make one of its scheduled games, the team captain should contact the IM staff via email or phone (850-644-2430) by 12 Noon on the day of the scheduled contest (12 Noon Friday for Sunday games). You don't have to wait until the day of the game. Call any day before your scheduled game to request a default. The defaulted contest will go down as a loss for your team, but you will remain in the league for future games and there is NO FINE for the default.

(2) The Game-Site Default At the game site, if your team has one less than the required number of players signed in and ready to play at game time, a default is recorded. For example, in 7-on-7 soccer, 5 players are required to start a match. Having 4 players ready at game time would be a FREE default. Having 3 or less would result in a costly forfeit. Due to the optional grace period procedure, even if the opponent selects to take a win at game time, the team short of players will have until the end of the grace period to sign-in extra players to receive a default and avoid the forfeit. Remember, you can add eligible players to your roster at the game site prior to any game except on league championship night.

What Happens When My Team Forfeits?   Who is Charged the Fine?
If a team no shows or fails to have enough players to default at the game site, a forfeit is recorded. The forfeit fine of up to $30 is automatically assessed to the team captain of record.

The fine will be assessed under the captain's name in the department's billing system. Fines may be paid at the Leach Center or Fitness & Movement Clinic front desks. Within the final month each semester, any new fines and unpaid fines in the departmental billing system will be assessed to the captain's university account via FSU Student Financial Services. These fines are payable through the University Cashier's Office located in 1500 University Center A. Failure to pay the forfeit fine can result in a hold on a student's class registration or reception of a graduate's diploma until properly paid.

If the team that forfeits wishes to remain in the league for future games, the team captain must contact the IM staff by 12 Noon of the next business day to request to stay in the league. Otherwise, the team will be dropped from the schedule.

Forfeits during tournament play also result in the assessment of a forfeit fine. Teams may call in to request a FREE default for a tournament game as long as they meet the 12 Noon deadline on the day of the game.

Call in and save, no show and pay!

All the details regarding cancelation and forfeit fines are available in the Involvement principle and Organization principle of the Seven Principles of Intramural Sports.

Questions or Comments? Let us know by emailing us. Otherwise, good luck this season in Intramural Sports!