Sand Volleyball Rules Summary 
Last Updated for Summer 2015

The Complete FSU IM Sand Volleyball Rulebook is Available Online here
No Tobacco and No Alcohol are permitted at the Varsity Sand Volleyball Courts (Location). Violators will be ejected. 


Players MUST be valid, fee-paying FSU students, faculty or full-time staff. FAMU and TCC students are NOT eligible for FSU IM sports and events. All players MUST show their current FSUCard prior to each match. No other form of ID will be accepted. Participant check-in only occurs at the sign-in table located outside of the sand courts, not courtside.

Match time is forfeit time.

Doubles: 2 players on the court per team, no more than 3 on the roster. Triples: 3 players on the court per team, no more than 5 on the roster. Four-person: 4 players on the court per team, no more than 6 on the roster. Six-person: 6 players on the court per team, no more than 12 on the roster. The required number of players to begin a match shall be two (2) in doubles and triples, three (3) in four-person, and four (4) in six-person play.

In co-rec play, mixed doubles is one (1) player of each gender. Mixed triples includes at least one (1) player of each gender. In four-person, two (2) players of each gender are required. In six-person co-rec play, three (3) players of each gender are required.

Unlimited substitutions are allowed as long as one player does not occupy more than one position in the service order during a single game.

A player's clothing must be presentable and appropriate for the competition. Players on the same team are permitted to wear clothing of different colors and designs. Players may wear hats, visors or sunglasses at their own risk.

It is forbidden to wear any objects that may cause an injury to a player, such as jewelry, pins, bracelets, casts, etc. Players may wear glasses at their own risk.


Matches may either consist of a single game, or best 2 out of 3 games. A team wins a match by winning one or two games, respectively.

Game scoring will be as follows, depending on the match format:
a. One game match: 30 points, win by 2, no cap.
b. Best 2-of-3 match: 1st and 2nd game: 21 points, win by 1, 21-20 wins game. 3rd game (if needed): 11 points, win by 2, no cap.

All games will use the rally scoring system

Before the warm-up in the first game and before each deciding game, players will conduct a game of "rock, paper, scissors" to determine service and side.

The rotation order specified by the starting lineup must be maintained throughout the game. (There is an exception for doubles)

(2,3,4) Players may be anywhere within their court. (6) Same overlap rules as indoor play. 

The ball is out when: its first contact with the ground is completely outside the playing court, and it does not cause boundary lines to move; it completely crosses the net outside the posts or under the net after the attacking team's third contact; or it touches an object out of play.

It is the responsibility of the server to assure that both teams are ready for service. A player on the receiving team may stop play when not ready for a service as long as no attempt to play the ball is made. In this case, the rally is canceled and replayed. Misuse of this privilege is Unsportsmanlike conduct.