Team Tennis Rules Summary 
Last Updated for Summer 2015

The Complete FSU IM Team Tennis Rulebook is Available Online here​
All matches take place at the Speicher Tennis Complex. In addition to Speicher policies and procedures, Tobacco and Alcohol are not permitted in the Tennis Complex. Violators will be ejected.


Players MUST be valid, fee-paying FSU students, faculty or full-time staff. FAMU and TCC students are NOT eligible for FSU IM sports and events. All players MUST show their current FSUCard to to the IM supervisor at the courts prior to each match in order to participate. 

Teams must furnish their own tennis balls and racquets. Racquets are available for checkout and tennis balls are available for purchase at the Leach Center front desk.

Match time is forfeit time.

Teams are comprised of four (4) players. A minimum of three (3) players is required to start a team match. Two players constitutes a default, one or less is a forfeit.

When a team participates with three (3) players, it must fill the doubles match and a singles match, forfeiting the remaining singles match. Additionally, if the opponent has a full squad of four (4) players, it may substitute mid-match for one of its players (only one substitution, the player replaced may not re-enter).


A team match consists of two (2) singles matches and one (1) doubles match. The team that wins at least two (2) of the three matches will win the overall match-up.

A match is won when a player or team wins a 8-game Pro Set.

Due to time and space limitations, the "No-Ad" method of scoring will be used. A player need win only four points to win a game.

Singles tie-breakers will follow the following format. 'A' serves first point (from right tie-breaker court); 'B' serves points 2 and 3 (left and right); 'A' serves points 4 and 5 (left and right); 'B' serves point 6 (left) and after they change ends, point 7 (right); 'A' serves point 8 and 9 (left and right); 'B' serves points 10 and 11 (left and right); and 'A' serves 12 (left). If point reach 6-all, players change ends and continue as before. A tie breaker is won when a player or team reaches seven points (with at least 2 point margin established), or after a 6-all, a player or team establishes a 2 point margin.

Doubles tie-breakers will follow the singles format with the following revisions. Doubles partners will preserve the sequence of their serving turns. (Assuming A & B vs. C & D): Player 'A' serves first point (right); 'C' serves 2 and 3 (left and right); 'B' serves 4 and 5 (left and right); 'D' serves point 6 (left) and after team change ends, point 7 (right). Continue this order until a team wins.