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Last Updated for Summer 2015

No Tobacco and No Alcohol are permitted in Tully Gym. Violators will be ejected. No Food and No Flavored Drinks are allowed on the Gym Floor. Only Bottled Water is permitted.


Players MUST be valid, fee-paying FSU students, faculty or full-time staff. FAMU and TCC students are NOT eligible for FSU IM sports and events. All players MUST show their current FSUCard prior to each match. No other form of ID will be accepted. Participant check-in only occurs at the sign-in table located in the Tully Gym lobby, not courtside.

Match time is forfeit time. Teams must have 4 players in order to begin a match. Having 3 players is a default. Having 2 or less is a forfeit.

Line-ups include up to 6 players in all leagues. Teams in all leagues may play with 5 players. The only legal combinations for a co-rec match are 3M/3F, 3M/2F, 2M/3F, or 2M/2F. Teams playing with 5 players shall have 3 designated front-row players. Teams playing with 4 players shall have a maximum of 2 front-row players.

Team rosters may include an unlimited number of players. Players may be added to a team’s roster at any match, prior to championship night. A player may play on 1 single-gender team and 1 co-rec team in the same IM season. A player may not change teams once he/she has signed-in for a team (the first team is the team of record for the entire season).

All players must wear shoes. Tennis shoes and soft-soled shoes are legal. Sandals, flip-flops, boots, cleats, and any footwear that marks the floor are not permitted. Jewelry is NOT allowed to be worn by any participant of IM volleyball. This jewelry consists of any visible rings (including wedding rings), watches, necklaces, earrings, studs, bracelets and any other such similar jewelry.


All matches will be best 2 of 3 games. All games will use the rally scoring system with a point awarded on each service regardless of which team served. When the serving team wins a rally, a point is scored and the team retains the serve. When the receiving team wins a rally, a point is scored and the serve changes sides.

The first and second games will be played to 30 points (winning by 2). There is a cap of 32 points on games 1 and 2. If the game is tied at 31-31, the next point scored will determine the winner. The third game, when needed, will be played to 15 points (winning by 2) with no point cap.

Two 30-second timeouts are allowed per team per game. Timeouts may be used consecutively, if needed.

Substitutes may enter the game only for the server and must sub in prior to the serve. Thus, only 1 sub is permitted at any time. Once a substitute has entered the game, he/she must play through an entire rotation and back to the service position before being removed from the game. There is no limit to the number of individual entries or team substitutions in any one game. Substitution is not “person for person”.

The server may serve the ball from anywhere behind the back line and between the sidelines. Serves that touch the net are LEGAL and remain in play. A serve may not be blocked by the receiving team.

In IM volleyball, it is considered an attack when, if at the moment of the player’s contact, the ball is entirely higher than the top of the net and such contact directs the ball towards the opponent.

A back-row player may complete an attack from behind the 3-meter attack line. At his/her take-off, the back-row player’s feet must neither have touched nor crossed over the 3-meter attack line. After the attack, the back-row player may land in front of the 3-meter attack line. A back-row player may not participate in a completed solo or collective block.

A player may not attempt to strike the ball with any portion of the leg below the knee. However, a ball that inadvertently contacts a player below the knee shall remain in play (and be considered 1 of the team’s 3 contacts). 


In court positioning, men and women must alternate positions; therefore, they must also alternate serving.

Each team may have three (3) contacts on its side of the net. For DI there are no further restrictions.  For DII and Rec Leagues the following apply. If the ball is returned on one contact, either a male or a female may contact the ball. If, however, two (2) or three (3) contacts are required, a member of each gender must be part of the contacts. If a ball is returned over the net to the opponent with 2+ contacts not involving both genders, a co-rec violation will be called and a point awarded to the opposing team

(Co-Rec Division I) There are no restrictions on male players regarding attacking or blocking the ball.

(Co-Rec Division II) At all times (whether starting the play as a front or back row player), male players may attack the ball only from behind the 3-meter attack line. Male players may not break the plane of the net when blocking. 


Sportsmanship is an essential part of intramural sports. Players and spectators shall show respect towards opponents and game officials at all times. Teams receive a sportsmanship rating at the conclusion of each game on a scale of 0 to 4. Teams must maintain a 3.0 average to continue participating in the league or tournament. Misconduct of players or team spectators may result in ejection and/or forfeiture of the game.

All teams, regardless of record, with a 3.0 or better sportsmanship average advance to the playoffs. Playoff draw meetings are held and schedules are posted online during the final week of the regular season.