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Last Updated for Summer 2015

All matches take place in the Leach Center. Players must be able to access the Leach Center in order to participate. Leach Center policies and procedures are in effect in addition to Intramural Sports policies and procedures.


Players MUST be valid, fee-paying FSU students, faculty or full-time staff. FAMU and TCC students are NOT eligible for FSU IM sports and events. All players MUST show their current FSUCard to access the Leach Center AND to the IM supervisor at the courts prior to each match in order to participate. Faculty and staff must have a current Leach Center membership or purchase a Leach Center Guest Pass for each match date.

Match time is forfeit time. Open teams play 3-on-3 and must have 3 players in order to begin a match. Co-rec teams play 4-on-4 with 2 males and 2 females on the court for each team. Co-rec teams must have 3 players to begin a match (at least 1 of each gender). In both leagues, 2 players results in a default; having 1 is a forfeit. Team rosters may include an unlimited number of players. Players may be added to a team’s roster at any match, as long as the new players have not played for another team.

All players must wear shoes. Tennis shoes and soft-soled shoes are legal. Sandals, flip-flops, and boots are not permitted.

Jewelry is NOT allowed to be worn by any participant of IM wallyball. This jewelry consists of any visible rings (including wedding rings), watches, necklaces, earrings, studs, bracelets and any other such similar jewelry. 


All matches will be best 2 of 3 games. All games will use the standard volleyball scoring system with a point awarded only when the serving team scores.

All games will be played to 15 points (winning by 2). There is a cap of 17 points on games 1 and 2. If the game is tied at 16-16, the next point scored will determine the winner. The third and final game will be played to 15 points (winning by 2) with no point cap.

Two 30-second timeouts are allowed per team per game. Timeouts may be used consecutively, if needed.

Substitutes may enter the game only between games. In case of an injury, the injured player may leave the court and (1) the team may play a person down or (2) a substitute may enter in which case the injured player may not return for the entire match.

The server shall serve the ball from approximately 3 feet from the back wall, anywhere between the side walls. Serves that touch the net are LEGAL and remain in play. Serves may touch 1 side wall on either side of the net (2 side walls is out). Serves cannot be blocked or attacked.

Teams must establish a service rotation. Rotation is clockwise prior to a team’s serve. The server for the offense and the previous server for the defense are considered back row players and CANNOT attempt to spike or block a ball at the net. This rule still applies for 3-person teams who must play with 2 attackers and 1 back row player on each play.

A player may not attempt to strike the ball with any portion of the leg below the knee. However, a ball that inadvertently contacts a player below the knee shall remain in play (and be considered 1 of the team’s 3 contacts).

A player may not attempt to climb the wall to play a ball. Other traditional volleyball rules apply to wallyball (lifts, multiple contacts, etc).

ALL walls on offense’s side are IN play. A ball can be played off multiple walls and the ceiling on the offense’s side to a teammate.
- The offense can play the ball off a SINGLE SIDE wall or their OWN BACK WALL and over the net at any time.
- A ball that goes OVER THE NET and touches the BACK WALL before any opponent or the floor is considered OUT.
- A ball that goes OVER THE NET and touches TWO SIDE WALLS before any opponent or the floor is considered OUT.
- A ball that touches the offense’s OWN BACK WALL then a SIDE WALL and goes OVER THE NET is also OUT.
- A ball that touches the CEILING and goes OVER THE NET is considered OUT.
- On hit #1 or #2, if the ball passes between the net and the side wall (hole), the point will be replayed. If the on hit #3, the ball is considered OUT.