Campus Recreation Enters Your Time into the Payroll System For You

Should you receive an automated system email to remind you to enter your hours, DO NOT ENTER YOUR OWN HOURS INTO OMNI. Department policy prohibits Campus Recreation employees from entering their own hours into the online OMNI system. Time entry is accomplished by our full-time, administrative staff. Should you have questions, please read the information below or contact your supervisor for assistance.

What Days are Paid on a Particular Paycheck?

The hours you work during a pay period are entered into the OMNI system for payment 10 days prior to the date of the paycheck. Therefore, you may feel as though there is a long delay between the days you work and when you are paid for them.

Work Days Paid on Paycheck Date
Wed Aug 24 - Tue Sep 6 Fri Sep 16
Wed Sep 7 - Tue Sep 20 Fri Sep 30
Wed Sep 21 - Tue Oct 4 Fri Oct 14
Wed Oct 5 - Tue Oct 18 Fri Oct 28
Wed Oct 19 - Tue Nov 1 Thu Nov 10
Wed Nov 2 - Tue Nov 15 Wed Nov 23
Wed Nov 16 - Tue Nov 29 Fri Dec 9
Wed Nov 30 - Tue Dec 13 Fri Dec 23
Wed Dec 14- Tue Dec 27 Fri Jan 6

Wednesday and Thursday Work Hours

Due to the time entry schedule for Campus Recreation, Wednesday and Thursday hours are delayed on your online timesheet by one week. For example, work hours on Wednesday, September 7th, would appear on your online time sheet on Wednesday, September14th (a week later). This is because Campus Recreation begins its time entry, verification, and approval process for its over 500 employees on Wednesdays and cannot prepay for hours in the pay period that are not yet worked on Wednesday or Thursday of the same week (you may not work or the work shift may be rained out).

Essentially, your online time sheet shows accurate work hours for time worked on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will be off by a week. Pay periods that include University holidays may cause additional days to be delayed to a subsequent pay check.

You may review your timesheet in OMNI at any time. Printed timesheets are available with your supervisor to double-check your hours or inquire about any irregularities. We are happy to assist and will work to correct any errors promptly!

View Your Online Timesheet: Login to Your OMNI Account

Visit (click link to open in separate window). Your login and password match your other FSU passwords (Blackboard or webmail).

Click on the Timesheet Link

Under the myFSU Links on the left side, select the Human Resources arrow and click on the "Timesheet" link in the middle of the list.

The Punchsheet View of Your Timesheet

You can review the reported time worked for each day. Use the links to view other weeks. Do NOT adjust your hours online in OMNI. Please report any errors to your supervisor for prompt correction.

Further Questions?

Should you have additional questions, please see Jenna Ulewicz or Ian Michael in the administrative offices on the 3rd floor of the Leach Center or call 850-644-0549. Our HR team can assist you during regular business hours.