Login to Your WhenToWork Account

Visit https://whentowork.com/logins.htm (click link to open in separate window). Use the login and password from the invitation email or the one you have set.

Adjust Your Information or Availability

Select "Choose Times I Prefer to Work" to Set Your Work Availability for a Particular Date or Group of Days.
You May Also Wish to Select "Change My Information" to Adjust Phone, Text Message, and Email Preferences.

Review Your Work Preferences

Review Your Preferences: Red indicates Cannot Work, Green is a Available and Preferred Times (Want to Work), White is Available with No Preference (OK to Work), Pink is Available and Not Preferred (Available, Only If Necessary).

Click on One of the Grey Buttons Near the Bottom to Update Your Availability:
"Set SPECIFIC DATE Preferences" Allows You to Mark Off Specific Dates, Such as Only Tuesday, January 17th.
"Set REPEATING WEEKLY Preferences" Allows You to Mark Off the Same Time Each Week, Such as All Mondays after 6:00 pm.
"Set POSITION Preferences" Allows You to Indicate Preferences for Jobs (If You Work Multiple Sports at the Same Time).
To Receive the Most Shifts, Do Not Adjust Your Position Preferences.

Adjust Your Work Preferences

Click on a Paint Brush (Upper Left), Then Highlight the Times You Want to Change in the Color Bar. Don't Forget to "Save".

Further Questions?

Should you have additional questions, please contact your specific program area supervisor.