Team training. Life changing.

F45 Training is a global fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that keep you motivated, engaged, and always reaching for the next level.

Get Registered

Advance registration for these select classes takes place via the FSU Rec app or the Rec Connect web portal, up to 25 hours prior to the class start time.

Download the FSU Rec app for iOS and Android.

F45 classes are high-demand and space-limited. If you are unable to make your reservation, please cancel your spot in-app to allow for others to sign up. Read more about our F45 class registration process and penalties for no-showing for a class.

Spring 2023 Schedule

F45 classes are held in the Fitness & Movement Clinic, Campus Rec’s smaller fitness facility located on the 2nd level of the the Mary B. Coburn Health and Wellness Center.

Please note the Fitness & Movement Clinic enforces a dress code policy. View the FMC dress code policy to make sure you are in the proper attire for your F45 workout.

Spring Schedule (Wed, Mar 29 – Fri, Apr 28):

6:15 AMF45F45 StudioMariah & Hannah
8:00 AMF45F45 StudioEllie & Dylan
11:00 AMF45F45 StudioAlyssa N & Emily B
12:15 PMF45F45 StudioMalachi & Hailey
3:00 PMF45F45 StudioEmily B & Ellie
4:30 PMF45F45 StudioSammy & Myah
5:30 PMF45F45 StudioChiara & Alyssa B
6:15 AMF45F45 StudioMariah & Mackenna
11:30 AMF45F45 StudioAlyssa N & Nik
3:00 PMF45F45 StudioCamila & Myah
4:30 PMF45F45 StudioCamila & Dylan
5:30 PMF45F45 StudioMalachi & Savanah
6:15 AMF45F45 StudioSavanah & Hannah
11:00 AMF45F45 StudioDylan & Nik
12:15 PMF45F45 StudioMalachi & Hailey
3:00 PMF45F45 StudioGio & Dylan
4:30 PMF45F45 StudioChiara & Myah
5:30 PMF45 F45 StudioSammy & Alyssa B
6:15 AMF45F45 StudioMariah & Mackenna
11:30 AMF45F45 StudioChiara & Ellie
3:00 PMF45F45 StudioSammy & Kelley
4:30 PMF45F45 StudioCamila & Savanah
5:30 PMF45F45 StudioMalachi & Amanda
6:15 AMF45F45 StudioMariah & Hannah
11:00 AMF45F45 StudioKelley & Hailey
12:15 AMF45F45 StudioDylan & Amanda
3:00 PMF45F45 StudioMyah & Savanah