The Aquatics Department offers students, faculty and staff, and the community the opportunity to enroll in certification classes. The classes are held at the Leach Center and are taught by certified American Red Cross instructors.

Certification Courses

The American Red Cross Lifeguard Training program provides participants the skills, knowledge, and certifications needed to work as a professional lifeguard.

Prerequisites demonstrated on 1st day of course include:

  • 15 years of age
  • 300 yard swim using freestyle or breastroke (not timed, but must be continuos).
    • Goggles are allowed.
  • Ability to recover a 10-pound brick from a depth of 10 feet and swim 20 yards with the brick held in both hands while keeping your face above water. Participants must exit the pool without using stairs or a ladder in 1:40. Time stops when the participant has exited and is standing on the pool deck.
    • Goggles are not allowed during this skill.
  • 2 minute tread with hands in armpits

Upcoming Lifeguard Certification and Re-Certification Courses

Certification classes are open to all FSU Students/Faculty/Staff.  Come get certified to be an American Red Cross Lifeguard!

Recertification classes are open only to currently certified American Red Cross Lifeguards with an approaching expiration date.  Lifeguards will be asked to perform the above mentioned Lifeguarding Prerequisites and will practice all skills learned in the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Program. The written test is the same as the original course.

Our American Red Cross Lifeguard Courses are conducted using a blended learning format. Blended learning combines online learning with in-person skill sessions conducted by a Red Cross certified instructor. Participants in blended learning courses acquire the same knowledge and skills as those in traditional classroom training courses. Blended learning courses allow participants to access and review foundational information for the duration of the certification. If the online content is not completed before the in-person skill session, participants will not be allowed to participate and will not receive a refund.

The online content will take approximately 7 hours, and the in-person skill training will take about 21 hours.

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