The FIT+ Pass

The FIT+ Pass allows Campus Recreation members to register 73 hours (3 days + 1 hour) in advance for all registration-required group fitness and team training classes including F45, Spin, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, etc. 

General members (non passholders) remain eligible to register for classes 25 hours (1 day + 1 hour) in advance.

FIT+ Pass sales are now available online via Rec Connect and in-person at the Leach Center and FMC.  Limited quantities are available this spring.

Purchase a FIT+ Pass


How much does a FIT+ Pass cost?
Do I need a membership to buy and use a FIT+ Pass?
How can I purchase a FIT+ Pass?
After purchase, when is my FIT+ Pass activated?
How long do FIT+ Passes last? Will there be discounts available?
Do I need FIT+ Pass to Participate in F45?
How many class spaces are available for FIT+ Passholders?
What happens when all the FIT+ spaces are taken during advance registration?
What happens a FIT+ Passholder fails to attend a class for which they have registered?

FIT+ Pass Purchase & Activation Periods

FIT+ Passes are activated once each week.  Please see below for when your pass will be activated in the FSU REC app based on your purchase date and time.

Fall 2020 information will be released soon, in the meantime, check out our Active Anywhere page so you can live well from anywhere!