Looking to workout with a small group that is focused on similar fitness goals.  Try one of our small group training offerings.  From our NoleFit classes to specialized training programs, our team of nationally-certified personal trainers will help you accomplish your best workout!

F45 Training

F45 Training is a global fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that keep you motivated, engaged, and always reaching for the next level.

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Olympic Lifting Clinics

FSU Fitness offers Olympic lifting in the Leach Center with 2 platforms in the Annex area. The Olympic lifting area is a monitored, controlled space where FSU students and Campus Rec members may perform Olympic-style lifts after meeting certain safety criteria. Each Olympic lifter must be approved by FSU Campus Recreation prior to lifting.

Learn more about Olympic Lifting including rules, reservation times, skills classes, and skills test sessions.

Olympic Lifting Information

SWOL: Start with Olympic Lifting

This paid 6-week small group training class focuses on teaching participants how to progress with Olympic weightlifting.  Groups of 4 will be exposed to mobility work, program progressions, and accessory work.  The 1.5-hour session will be led by a certified USA-W Sports Performance Coach.  2 classes for 6 weeks means 12 sessions to build power and strength!

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PT+ Sessions

Want our top-of-the-line personal training services for you and your friends? Our nationally-certified personal trainers are ready to help you improve your workout routine, offering new and innovative exercises to help your small group of 2 to 4 people reach its collective fitness goals.

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Start to Fitness 2.0

For FSU Faculty & Staff

This 10-week, small group personal training program for FSU faculty and staff will pair a 4 person team with a nationally certified personal trainer to identify and meet their fitness goals. Teams will accumulate points for showing up, participating, meeting goals and for extra workouts!  Friendly competition between teams will be encouraged as teams move from Start to Fitness. 

Participants meet twice each week (that’s 20 sessions!) in-person. Join with a friend and choose Monday & Wednesday at 12:00 or 5:30 pm, or Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30 pm.

At each training session, your personal trainer will provide guidance to their team on using specific fitness equipment, knowledge on how to meet shared fitness goals, and motivate everyone throughout the entire program! Start to Fitness is designed to make you accountable to your trainer, team mates and most importantly, makes fitness fun!

The Start to Fitness 2.0 program is $85 per faculty/staff participant (for 20 total sessions, that’s less than $4 per session) during regular registration.  Save by registering during our preregistration period.  And, late registrants are admitted when space is available with an additional fee.  Participants must be current Campus Recreation members to enroll in Start to Fitness 2.0.

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