Campus Recreation at FSU is committed to facilitating a workout that works for you. We have a variety of adaptive fitness equipment in each of our facilities including the Leach Recreation and Aquatics Center and Fitness & Movement Clinic.

Fitness and Movement Clinic equipment

Our Commitment

Campus Recreation is committed to continuously improving our facilities, programs, and policies to provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone.  We dedicate ourselves to engaging in intentional education, outreach, and collaboration in support of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We celebrate and affirm individuals of every race, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, gender, gender identity or expression, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, national origin, and veteran status. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, abilities, and skill levels.



Inclusive Facilities

Adaptable Facility Equipment

Campus Recreation is dedicated to creating and providing safe, welcoming spaces for our community.

Leach Accessibility Map

  • ADA Accessible lockers
  • ADA Accessible stalls in restrooms
  • ADA Accessible shower

FMC Accessibility Map

  • ADA Accessible lockers
  • ADA Accessible stalls in restrooms
  • ADA Accessible shower
  • ADA parking in front of the Admin office and rental office
  • ADA accessible ramps on the admin and retreat center
  • ADA accessible restrooms in the retreat center
  • ADA accessible stall in restrooms
  • ADA accessible sidewalk from the Admin office to down to the waterfront rentals
  • ADA picnic table under one of our pavilions

RSP Accessibility Map

  • ADA Accessible restroom stalls available at Rec SportsPlex East, Rec SportsPlex West, Westside Courts, and Main Campus Fields
  • ADA Accessible Shower available at at RecSport Plex East

Gender Neutral Restroom Locations  

    • Health & Wellness Center (FMC)
    • Tully Gym 2nd Floor
    • Westside Courts Pavilion
    • Retreat Center at the Rez Lakefront Park

Adaptable Fitness & Aquatics Equipment

Campus Rec is continuing to improve programs and facilities to enhance accessibility for all patrons. In addition to compliance with all ADA regulations, we also provide the following equipment: 

ADA Magnum Functional Trainer

Our Magnum Functional Trainer is a versatile tool that provides a variety of strength training options and is designed to accommodate roll-up access for individuals using wheelchairs. It can be found in the Leach

Medicine balls with handles for Group Fitness classes

Medicine balls with handles make gripping easier and can be used for a wide variety of one- and two-armed exercises. The medicine balls with handles are located in Studio 2 and can be requested for use during in-person group fitness classes.


The Krankcycle is an upper-body cycling machine that allows the user to practice both forward and backward, single- and double-arm exercises. The seat can be removed to allow for roll-up access for individuals using wheelchairs. The Krankcycle is located in the FMC.

Recumbent bikes

Our recumbent bicycles allow users to recline in a fully supportive bucket seat and hold onto handlebars located at the base of the seat. Recumbent bikes are a great option for individuals of all ability levels looking for a safe and low impact total body workout. The recumbent bicycles are currently located on the second floor of the Leach in the basketball court.

The Aquatics Center at the Leach Recreation Center includes:

Pool Access

A chair lift equipped with armrests is located in the shallow end. Leach lifeguards are trained to assist swimmers with pool entry and exit via the lift. There is also a set of stairs equipped with handrails located in the shallow end that can be used for pool entry and exit instead of the ladders.

Spa Access

A chair lift equipped with armrests is located in the spa area and can be moved around the natatorium. Leach lifeguards are trained to assist spa users with spa entry and exit via the lift.

Sauna/Steam Room Access

ADA-compliant doorways and pathways.


ADA-compliant doorways and pathways.

Please see Campus Recreation staff for equipment locations.


Inclusive Programming

Unified Sports

Unified Sports joins people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team to promote social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences. Intramural Sports has paired with Special Olympics Leon County to make this collaboration. Some of the more popular events include Basketball and Flag Football. Visit the Intramural Sports website or Special Olympics Florida website for more information and upcoming events.


GoalBall is an adaptive sport for athletes who are blind or visually impaired. This fast-paced sport offers an alternative to traditional court sports, where players are blindfolded. Goalball special events and workshops have been offered through Intramural Sports and the Sport Management program and are open to all abilities and vision levels.

Sitting Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball is a form of volleyball for athletes with a disability. As opposed to standing volleyball, sitting volleyball players must have at least one glute in contact with the floor during the game. Sitting volleyball is a team sport designed for all individuals and skill levels. Special events are offered through Intramural Sports and are open to players of all abilities

Our Fitness staff are trained to create programs for all ability levels. Our Fitness Training program offers in-person and virtual personal training sessions for students and members of Campus Recreation.

The Leach Center offers a private studio for personal training. A variety of formats are available, including individual or small group sessions. Fitness offers fitness assessments as well.

Outdoor Pursuits

Most trips are inclusive to people of all abilities, and can be adapted to fit most levels of experience or ability. View our listing of upcoming Outdoor Pursuits adventure trips.

FSU Challenge

Our challenge courses can accommodate any group of any ability level. Learn more about the FSU Challenge program.

As recognized student organizations of Florida State University, each sport club is inclusive of all students regardless of ability, gender identity, or gender expression.

In competition, Sport Clubs are required to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the national governing bodies for their sport.  For more information on our efforts related to Sport Clubs, please contact the Sport Clubs Office at 850-644-7902.

The Campus Recreation Athletic Training staff provides services to all students who participate in Sport Clubs and Intramural Sports.

The athletic training staff also provides athletic training services in the Physical Therapy and Athletic Training clinic for any FSU student needing injury evaluation and/or rehabilitation


Inclusive Policies

Non-Gendered Attire Policy

In an effort to be inclusive of all personal workout attire preferences, Campus Recreation has an open attire policy.  Beyond facility policies, we do not require gender-specific attire in our facilities.

In the aquatics facility, patrons must wear attire appropriate for swimming. Modesty shirts are allowed.

Service Animal Policy

Service animals are welcome in all building and spaces on campus including Campus Recreation facilities.  Campus Recreation adheres to the following practices in order to best serve members of the FSU community accompanied by service animals.

  • Campus Recreation staff members may ask an individual questions to verify that the accompanying animal is a qualified service animal including whether the animal is a service animal and what service the animal provides.
  • ADA regulations state that a service animal must be under control of its owner at all times.  Animals playing or running in Campus Recreation facilities is not permitted. 
  • Owners are required to clean up after their animals.

Individuals with service animals who frequently visit Campus Recreation facilities may opt to register their service animal with Campus Recreation to help avoid being asked verifying questions each time they enter a facility .

Pets providing emotional support, well being, comfort, or companionship are not recognized as service animals under ADA regulations and are not permitted in Campus Recreation facilities.  Per Florida Statute 403.18. misrepresenting a pet as a service animal is a criminal violation.

Visit the Department of Student Services and Transitions website for more information on emotional support animals on campus.

Service AnimalsEmotional Support Animals (ESA)
Assists a person with a disability by performing a specific task.Alleviates symptoms of a psychiatric or emotional disability.
Trained to perform a specific task.Not trained for a specific task.
Does not need to register with Office of Accessibility Services (OAS).Does need to register with OAS by submitting an Application for Support Services, documentation (clearly linking the ESA to the disability), and completing an intake appointment.
May be eligible for academic accommodations. If so, must register with OAS.May be eligible for academic accommodations. Academic accommodation requests are considered separately from ESA requests.
Unlimited campus access.Restricted campus access. Limited to residence hall room. May leave room only for nature breaks.
Must be under the owner’s control at all times and must be with the owner at all times.Must be under the owner’s control at all times. ESA care must be provided solely by the owner. ESA cannot be left alone or with anyone else overnight.

Job Opportunities

FSU Campus Recreation offers a wide variety of student jobs open to all current FSU students!  Our team is filled with diverse students with varying backgrounds.

Community & Resources at FSU

Center for Leadership & Social Change
The Center for Leadership & Social Change transforms lives through identity development, leadership education and community engagement. The Center encourages students to learn, serve and transform through programming that encompasses leadership, diversity and service.
Diversity and Inclusion at FSU
At The Florida State University, we recognize that every competitive advantage begins with people.  By valuing, celebrating and leveraging the differences and similarities of our students, faculty and staff, we inspire an environment of innovation and passion—one that enables us to create a teaching, research and service environment that better reflects the needs of our students, faculty, staff, customers, constituents, communities and other key stakeholders.
Find out about some Programs and Organization and how to get involved.
Find out about some Affinity Groups and how to get involved.
FSU Safe Zones
Allies & Safe Zones is an ally development program to promote acceptance and support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual, and Two-Spirit-identifying (LGBTQ+) people. Allies & Safe Zones is coordinated through the offices of the Department of Student Governance & Advocacy at Florida State University and is offered regularly to the campus community. The program is open to all, regardless of orientation, identity, or expression.
National Coalition Building Institute at FSU
Florida State University is proud to be a campus affiliate of the National Coalition Building Institute, an international, non-profit, leadership training organization that works to eliminate prejudice and discrimination throughout the world. 
President’s Task Force on Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion
The group identifies racial and ethnic disparities on campus and implements a range of initiatives, such as developing mandatory diversity and inclusivity training for all campus employees and students and fostering the recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff from underserved groups. allows you to share important information regarding incidents or concerning behavior happening in the Florida State University community.
Sport Management Department
Special events and workshops have been offered through Intramural Sports and the Sport Management program and are open to all abilities and vision levels. For more information on upcoming events, reach out to the Sport Management Department.