Nearly all of the 30+ organizations that comprise the Sport Clubs Council fundraise throughout the year to supplement the limited funding provided by the Student Government Association. Donors are always welcome to contribute to assist our sport and recreational organizations in their endeavors.

Tax-Deductible Donations

Donations via the FSU Foundation are tax deductible. Donations directly to a club, which may be deposited in an outside account, are not considered donations to FSU and therefore are not tax deductible. To be recognized by the University as a donor and receive a tax deduction, contributors are encouraged to utilize the following methods. Please know that by utilizing these official donation methods you may designate your donation for a particular sport club or fund. Clubs have access to these funds for equipment purchases, travel costs, and other needs.

Make a Donation Online

Donate online with your credit or debit card. Please use our Sport Club Online Donation Form    to start this process. Our online form allows you to earmark your gift for a particular sport club. Once you have completed this step, you will be transferred to the FSU Foundation to complete your secure donation transaction.

Print and Mail the Sport Club Pledge Form

For donations by personal or business check, please download our Sport Club Pledge Form    to complete and include with your donation. You may also utilize the Sport Club Pledge Form for mail-in credit card donations.