Any student interested in forming a new club is encouraged to meet with the Coordinator of Sport Clubs as the first step in the process.  Our staff will assist any student with navigating some of the University and Program procedures required to start a new organization.  We’re happy to help first!  Simply, call 850-644-7902 or email us to schedule a time to meet.

Below is a general overview of the requirements for new clubs in the Sport Club Program.

Sport Club Program Requirements & Application Process

Admission into the Sport Clubs Program at FSU as a part of the Department of Campus Recreation is determined each year by the Coordinator of Sport Clubs, in conjunction with the Director of Competitive Sports Facilities & Sport Clubs, and the Sport Clubs Executive Council.

To be a member of the Sport Clubs Program, a student organization must meet all of the following guidelines:

  1. Be a Recognized Student Organization of Florida State University, as determined by the process established by the Student Activities Center.
  2. Be a member or demonstrate potential membership in a national, regional, or state governing body, association, or otherwise sanctioned league for the sport.
  3. Have a minimum of five (5) documented potential competitors, either through the governing body (sanctioned league) or clubs at nearby institutions (nearby is defined as within a 7-hour drive from campus) OR host a minimum of two (2) documented instructional sessions or seminars involving participants outside of the club (other FSU clubs, clubs from other institutions, or local groups) during the academic year.
  4. Have suitable on-campus, or documented off-campus, facilities in which the club can practice or train and the potential availability of such facilities including the impact of proposed club activities on the existing usage patterns by other Campus Recreation, sport club or intramural or University purposes.
  5. Identify goals of the club that demonstrate a common mission between the club and the Sport Club Program.
  6. Have four (4) officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Safety/Travel) willing to dedicate time and effort into effectively and efficiently running club operation.
  7. Demonstrate proficient club leadership, including proper submission of paperwork and meeting other requirements of the Sport Clubs Program (returning clubs only).
  8. Have proper transition materials to help new club leadership function efficiently and effectively (returning clubs only).

Applications for admission to the Sport Clubs Program are available in the Sport Clubs Office and are reviewed on an on-going basis. An organization may apply for membership in the Sport Clubs Program a maximum of two times per academic year. A recognized student organization must be admitted by predetermined deadlines to become eligible for specific budget allocations.

Upon the advice and consultation of other University officials, the Student Activity Center may require a prospective student organization to complete the Sport Clubs Program application process and become accepted as a member as a condition of becoming a recognized student organization.

Upon the advice and consultation of other University officials and legal counsel, the Department of Campus Recreation and the Sport Clubs Program retains the right to prohibit any sport or activity in which the risk of serious and/or fatal injury is deemed to be unacceptably high.

Additional reasons for an organization not gaining or regaining admittance into Sport Clubs Program include but are not limited to:

  • Non-existent leadership or demonstration of ineffective student leadership.
  • Decline in student interest and support.
  • Demonstration of club mismanagement.
  • Inability to abide by Sport Clubs, Campus Recreation and University policies and procedures.
  • Violation(s) of Campus Recreation and/or University facility policies.
  • Inability of the Sport Clubs Program as part of the Department of Campus Recreation to benefit the club through staff expertise or facility space.
  • Purpose or goals no longer compatible with the goals and mission of The Florida State Department of Campus Recreation and Sport Clubs Program.
  • Lack of financial support for the club due to budget or other limitations.
  • Inadequate amount of suitable space for club activity.

Have more questions? Contact the Sport Clubs staff!