Here are some suggestions to help you find a team on which to play in one of our IM leagues.

Looking for a Team?

The Intramural Sports program does not form teams of individuals, but rather helps our potential participants locate others who would like to form a team or already have a team that just needs a few extra players. We call individuals looking for teams “free agents”. As a free agent, you can join a team at any point in the season, although getting connected early helps out a lot. In fact, we recommend starting 1-2 weeks before the start of the sport’s registration period. See our Sports Planner for registration periods and season start dates.

FSU Intramural Free Agents Group on Facebook

To connect with other free agents, visit our FSU Intramural Free Agents group on Facebook. Join the group and post to connect with others. We encourage you to list when you are available to play (days and times) along with some basic information about your skill level. Our regular playing days are Sunday through Thursday after 6:00 pm, so list when you can play or cannot play during those times (such as “No Tuesdays”). And, are you looking for a recreational team or one that is more competitive? Finally, you can list if you’re looking to join a men’s, women’s, or co-rec team.

If you have a few friends already and just need a couple more players to form a whole team, start checking the FSU Intramural Free Agents group before team registration begins. You can collect players, then become a Team Captain and register the new team during our normal registration period.

Getting Connected at the Game Site

If the Facebook group doesn’t work for you, you can also be at the game site to see if a team needs extra players. Sometimes teams are practicing in an open field and you can connect with them there. Or, you may find a team is in need of extra players to play a game that night. You can be added to an accepting team right at the game site, simply by presenting your FSUCard at the check-in window.

If you jump on a team at the game site, you’ll want to be properly equipped for the game. And remember, you can only play on one men’s or women’s team and one co-rec team in a sport. And, you cannot change teams for a sport once you’ve signed in that first time.

Questions or Comments?

Going the free agent route isn’t the easiest, but once you find a team, you may find that you’ll play other sports together for the rest of the year or even your college career! And, if you have any questions, feel free to stop by the IM Office in 1035 Tully Gym, call us at 850-644-2430, or email us for assistance. We’re happy to help!.