Intramural Sports strives to provide ample and equitable opportunities for fair, fun, and respectful participation in an organized sports setting to the FSU community. The following seven principles outline our commitment to this goal. Participants are encouraged to review and adhere to the guidelines and procedures detailed in each of the principles below.

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INVOLVEMENT - Getting Involved in Intramural Sports
Navigating our various procedures and timelines to get yourself or your team involved in Intramural Sports can be tricky. Here we lay out the fine print for our levels of competition, registration process, wait list procedure, league structure, and captain's responsibilities.

PARTICIPATION - Providing Equitable Opportunities for Participation
We strive to provide equitable opportunities for participation to all eligible members of the FSU community. To best ensure appropriate use of our programs, numerous guidelines regarding individual and team eligibility, team rosters, and participant pregame check-in and identification have been established.

FAIR PLAY - Ensuring Fair Play in a Competitive Sports Atmosphere
Intramural sports are competitive by nature. To best ensure fairness among all our teams and participants, numerous guidelines regarding eligible participants have been developed. Additionally, a protest procedure is available to teams in instances when a staff member may have ruled on a particular sport rule incorrectly.

SPORTSMANSHIP - Promoting Sportsmanlike Behavior Among Participants, Opponents, Spectators, and Staff
Providing a fun, social, and respectful atmosphere and promoting sportsmanlike behavior among participants, spectators, and team followers are among the primary goals of the Intramural Sports program. Our sportsmanship guidelines are explained in depth in this section.

ORGANIZATION - Providing Organization and Structure for Teams and Participants
FSU Intramural Sports schedules nearly 6,000 games and matches for over 2,000 teams in its sports every year. We strive to provide the best organization possible for our nearly 11,000 different IM participants annually. Various guidelines and procedures help participants and teams assist us with keeping our games and matches on schedule each game day and throughout the regular season and playoffs.

SAFETY - Ensuring the Safety of Participants, Patrons, and Staff
Intramural Sports is committed to providing a safe environment for participants, spectators, and staff by reducing unnecessary risks. Included in this principle are guidelines for personal and team safety.

FACILITIES - Maintaining Quality Recreational Facilities for the FSU Community
Intramural Sports is charged with maintaining quality outdoor recreational sports facilities for the FSU community. Guidelines have been developed to best preserve these facilities for use by current FSU students, faculty, and full-time staff.