Providing Quality Recreational Facilities for the FSU Community

Intramural Sports works to provide quality recreational facilities for current members of the FSU community. Because Intramural Sports is funded by student fees allocated by the FSU Student Government Association, use of facilities is limited to current fee-paying students, full-time faculty, and full-time staff. We strive to provide quality playing conditions year-round and therefore restrict use during inclement weather to preserve field conditions for future use. Additionally, we work to provide a playing environment which is free of unauthorized commercial solicitation and promotion.

Please review and adhere to the following guidelines for guest use, alumni IM field passes, penalties for unauthorized use, sports equipment availability, and restrictions on commercial solicitation and distribution. For information on reserving or renting a competitive sports facility for a special event, please visit the Competitive Sports Facilities section of the FSU Campus Recreation web site.

Guest Pass – Outdoor Facilities
Use of outdoor recreational facilities (Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts) is restricted to current, fee-paying FSU students, faculty, and full-time staff. FSUCard is required. Current FSU students, faculty, and full-time staff may sponsor a non-student or non-staff member to use the Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, or Westside Courts for open recreation (pick-up games and free play) by purchasing an outdoor facility pass.  A guest pass does NOT allow for participation in any intramural or sport club activity. Passes are sold in advance at the Leach Student Recreation Center Front Desk during normal operating hours at the rate of $10 per visitor per day.  To purchase a single-day pass, the FSU student, faculty, or full-time staff member shall present proper FSUCard and indicate the name of the guest for the pass.  The pass and photo ID are required of the guest for entry at either facility. Guests caught using a facility without a guest pass will be required to vacate the facility immediately as directed by FSU Campus Recreation staff members.

Unauthorized Use of Campus Recreation Facilities
Patrons who enter a closed facility (Tully Gym, Main Campus Fields, Rec SportsPlex, Westside Courts) are subject to immediate suspension from all Intramural Sports activities and banishment from all Campus Recreation facilities for a period of up to one year. Teams in violation of this policy will be immediately dropped from any leagues in which they are actively participating. Additional charges may be filed with the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities and/or FSU Police at the discretion of Campus Recreation staff and Florida State University officials.

Equipment Checkout
Sports equipment is available for checkout to participants during activity hours at competitive sports facilities. Valid FSUCard is required for short-term checkout of such equipment. The Competitive Sports Facilities Office also has a limited amount of equipment available for checkout to FSU students, faculty, staff, and registered groups for use within other Florida State University facilities or at FSU-sanctioned events. Priority is given to Campus Recreation related events. Requests for equipment must be received in the Competitive Sports Facilities Office at least 48 hours prior to the time of equipment pick-up. Valid ID required. Additional restrictions may apply.

Solicitation and Distribution
Commercial solicitation and the distribution of products or materials at all Intramural Sports facilities are prohibited without the written permission of FSU Campus Recreation. A paid marketing agreement or contract may be required. Individual participants and teams are permitted to display commercial advertisement (logos, etc) on team uniforms, unless judged offensive or in violation of other University policy. Commercial banners or displays by individual participants, teams, spectators, or associates are not permitted. All patrons and participants at competitive sports facilities must adhere to the University Posting Policy and Commercial Solicitation Policy which outlines additional restrictions.