Ensuring the Safety of Participants, Patrons, and Staff

Intramural Sports is committed to providing a safe environment for participants, spectators, and staff by reducing unnecessary risks.

For your safety and the safety of others, please learn and adhere to the following guidelines regarding the prohibition of alcohol & tobacco use, weapons, headgear & other safety equipment, head injuries, jewelry, and insurance.

Florida State University PROHIBITS possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on University property. This includes the Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, Tully Gymnasium, Speicher Tennis Center, Leach Center, and the FSU Reservation. If a team, either its participants or spectators, is found to possess or consume alcoholic beverages at a sponsored event, that team may be forfeited from the event and suspended from all Intramural activities. If the team, either participants or spectators, fail to comply with the request of the supervisors, FSU Police will be called to handle the situation. For further information on the Florida State University alcohol policy, please refer to the General Bulletin for the complete policy.

The use of tobacco products is prohibited at all indoor intramural activities and at all intramural activities at the Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, Speicher Tennis Center, and the FSU Reservation. A team, participant, fan or spectator caught using tobacco products at intramural events at these facilities will be immediately asked to leave the venue. The game in which the violator is participating (playing/watching) will not continue until that person removes him/herself. Failure for the team captain to assist the Intramural Staff in helping to remove the violator, may result in a default of the contest.

Possessing weapons or firearms at a University-sponsored event or on University property is strictly prohibited. Possession of a weapon is a violation of Florida Statute 790.115 and the FSU Student Code of Conduct. If any person — participants, spectators, other patrons, or staff — is found to possess a weapon at any time at a Campus Recreation facility or event, the FSU Police will be contacted to handle the situation appropriately including possible arrest and prosecution.

Headgear & Safety Equipment
Campus Recreation strongly encourages the use of personal safety equipment when appropriate. Select intramural sports require personal safety equipment such as helmets or mouthguards for all participants as outlined in the specific sport’s rules, available in the Rules Section of the Intramural Sports web site.

While personal safety headgear and other safety equipment is acceptable, certain other forms of headgear are not permitted. For indoor sports, prohibited headgear consists of any hats, bandanas, baseball caps, winter/wool hats, and any other such similar headgear. The following pieces of headgear are permissible: yamikas, turbins and one piece head/sweat bands that do not have to be tied. This also applies to outdoor sports with the following exceptions: winter/wool hats and unknotted bandanas are also allowed. Caps are permitted for participants of tennis, golf, softball, kickball, wiffleball, and ultimate frisbee. The officials and supervisors on duty have the authority to disallow any participant from participating which they feel would endanger the person wearing the headgear or his/her opponents. Protests involving headgear will not be accepted by the Intramural Sports Office.

Head Injuries
Any participant who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion, such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems, shall be disallowed from further participation in any intramural contest or activity at a supervised facility. Once such a determination has been made by any Campus Recreation or Intramural Sports staff member, such injured participants may not return to participate in any activity for the remainder of the day or night and are advised to seek professional medical attention. The approval of a medical professional to return on the same day shall not override this provision. Appeals of concussion-related decisions made by Campus Recreation or Intramural Sports staff shall be considered eligibility appeals and will be reviewed by the Intramural Sports administrative staff on the next business day.

In most sports, jewelry is not allowed to be worn by any participant during a game or event. Specific restrictions are listed in each sport’s rules. Furthermore, the officials and supervisors on duty have the authority to disallow any participant from participating which they feel would endanger the person wearing the jewelry or his/her opponents. Protests involving jewelry will not be accepted by the Intramural Sports Office.

Florida State University does not provide insurance coverage for any injury or accident related to participation in intramural sports or activities or any “practice” or “free play”. Each individual participant should provide his/her own coverage either through family policies or through the student accident and sickness insurance available through the University Health Services. All injuries, including those which might occur during “free play”, should be immediately reported to the intramural supervisor on duty. The supervisor will handle the incident according to FSU Campus Recreation and Florida State University emergency policies and procedures.