FSU Challenge is a Campus Recreation Program aiming to provide experiential education opportunities in outdoor environments to FSU students, faculty and staff as well as to the surrounding community. The program focuses on leadership development, team-building, self-awareness, problem solving, communication, building self-esteem, and fun.

Application Deadline: Friday, January 25th by 5:00 pm.

General Information

This job application is to be submitted by individuals who want to be considered for the Challenge Course Assistant position.

Expectations of an applicant include the desire to learn more about challenge course facilitation and skills, as well as a personal investment in developing other people via experiential programming. Progression to the Challenge Course Facilitator position will vary depending on experience, training completion, and individual interest taken in the program.

CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid certification through American Red Cross is required for all Campus Recreation employees. Monthly staff meetings required. Weekends must be available. FSU Challenge requires a minimum 1-year commitment to employment.

Required Certifications

  • CPR for the Professional Rescuer (American Red Cross)
  • First Aid (American Red Cross)

These certifications may be obtained within first semester of employment. While Campus Recreation does provide several discounted courses to staff, certifications are ultimately the financial responsibility of the employee.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 850-644-6124 or 850-644-2266, or via email at fsuchallenge@fsu.edu.  Thank you for your interest in FSU Challenge!