The Facility Supervisor is a leader within the Competitive Sports & Facilities Sports Program who shows a high level of commitment to its success. A Facility Supervisor has the authority to make decisions regarding all Competitive Sports Facilities with a focus on the safety of all employees, participants, and spectators who may be involved in activities with Campus Recreation.

Application window closes Friday, March 25, 2021.
Interviews will be begin Monday, April 1, 2021.

Responsibilities Include

  • Maintaining the highest level of integrity for yourself and the department at all times
  • Actively seeking opportunities to improve yourself and the department
  • Enforcing all policies of the Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, Tully Gymnasium, Harkins Turf Field, and Speicher Tennis Center
  • Assisting the professional staff with the facility operations
  • Opening and closing procedures at Competitive Sports Facilities
  • Supervising open recreation, special events, Sport Club practices, Intramural Sports, and facility reservations shifts
  • Being a good steward of customer service
  • Preparing equipment and the facility for the programmed activities
  • Making decision concerning the safety of participants pertaining to the playing conditions
  • Reporting potential risk management concerns, damages, and other maintenance issues
  • Maintaining clean facilities and empty trash cans
  • Leading the entire supervisory staff in closing the facility after a programmed shift
  • Handling all facility-related issues and document as necessary
  • Serving as a liaison to the FSU Police and First Responders on site
  • Communicating any problem participants, facility issues, and other pertinent issues at Competitive Sports Facilities to the supervisory staff
  • Participating in discussion at weekly staff meetings


  • Ability to work between 10-15 hours per week
  • Experience in leadership, management, and/or administrative capacities
  • Must hold current CPR/First-Aid certifications
  • Shown dedication and commitment to the Competitive Sports Program

Core Competencies Gained by Position

  • Personal & Professional Qualities
    • Problem Solving – Advanced
      • Develop organizational efficiency by formulating, planning, and implementing appropriate solutions to complex or unprecedented problems.
    • Adaptability – Advanced
      • Anticipate change and make significant or long term adaptations in organization in response to the needs of the situation.
      • Evaluate alternatives, and respond quickly and effectively to unexpected and rapidly changing conditions.
    • Legal Liability & Risk Management Qualities
      • Risk Management – Basic
        • Perform and document facility and equipment safety inspections in the area of responsibility.
      • Crisis Management – Basic
        • Recognize crisis situations and implement appropriate emergency action plans (EAPs) such as providing first aid, CPR, AED, crowd management and facility evacuation.
        • Document an incident or accident objectively and free of conjecture, and collect statements from those involved as well as any witnesses.
    • Human Resources Management Qualities
      • Staff/Student Development – Advanced
        • Serve in a mentoring and/or sponsoring relationship.
      • Customer Service – Basic
        • Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal interactions for situation: smile, eye contact, listening and timely response.
        • Show employees and customer’s empathy, respect and consideration.
        • Makes oneself available to the customer to address issues, as appropriate.
      • Conflict Resolution – Basic
        • Provide accurate information such as policies and procedures to prevent conflict or concern.
      • Technology Applications – Basic
        • Demonstrate proficiency with commonly used software such as word processing, spreadsheets, social media, web based-software, project management software, presentation software, calendaring software, and create account settings.
    • Facility Management, Planning & Design Qualities
      • Policies and Procedures – Basic
        • Describe and enforce departmental and institutional policies and procedures specific to facilities and explain the rationale behind the policies and procedures.
      • Facility Operations and Management – Basic
        • Facilitate execution of daily operations such as opening/closing buildings and rooms, setting up areas with equipment appropriate for activities, facility maintenance and housekeeping.