We are offering scuba certification classes starting September 16th and ending November 13th. The classes will be held in the Leach Center Pool and Wet Classroom from 6pm – 8pm.  Monday (Classroom Day): 9/16,23,30, 10/7,14,21,28, 11/4,12 Wednesday (Pool): 9/18,20, 10/2,9,15,23,30, 11/6,13 Click here for more information.

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Luau Pool Night

Join us for a Leach Luau! Key log rolling, canoe battleship, floatin’ on innertubes, cannon ball contests, innertube water polo, hula hoop contests, limbo & mocktails!

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Build Your Swim Workout

If you’re looking to get a little more serious about training in the pool, or you want more structure around your time in the water, join us! Here is how to build a swim workout.

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Pool Day | Battleship in the Pool

Four team members in a canoe will work to toss water into competitor’s canoes to sink them in the pool.  Numerous rounds of battle throughout the afternoon at our Intramural Sports Pool Day at the Leach Center.

Register in advance Tuesday, February 12th at 12 Noon through Monday, February 18th at 3:00 pm via IMLeagues.

Participation in IM battleship is FREE for all current FSU students. Valid FSUCard is required at check-in.

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