Tallahassee Community College (TCC) students that are formally admitted to the TCC2FSU Program at TCC are eligible to purchase special passes to access select FSU Campus Recreation facilities, programs, and services.

TCC Single-Visit Guest Pass – $8 per Visit

Single-Visit Guest Pass availability to non-FSU students. $8 plus tax, College ID required.

Any TCC student may purchase a single-visit guest pass to visit the Leach Recreation Center, Fitness & Movement Clinic, Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, or Rec SportsPlex.  Passes are sold at Guest Services at the entrance of both the Leach Center and Fitness & Movement Clinic.  Prices do not include sales tax. Payment by cash, check, or credit card is accepted. Valid college ID is required to purchase the pass.

A single-visit guest pass can be utilized for a single-entry into the Leach Recreation Center, Fitness & Movement Clinic, Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, or Rec SportsPlex. Access to specific programs and services hosted within these facilities may require payment of an additional fee at the non-FSU student rate. Single-visit guest passes cannot be utilized to participate in an Intramural Sports game or event or a Sport Club practice, game, or event.

Admission to the FSU Reservation Waterfront Park is available for the general public (non-FSU students) for $3 per visit, ages 16 & up. Children ages 7 to 15 are $1, 6 and under are free.

TCC2FSU Facilities Pass – $109 per Semester

TCC2FSU Facilities Passes will go on sale for the Spring 2023 semester on Tuesday, January 17th.

In order to purchase a pass, each TCC2FSU program participant is verified through a list of students provided weekly by TCC to FSU Campus Recreation. Passholders need a current pass and FSU Campus Recreation ID card to access facilities. Prices do not include sales tax.  Rate shown is by the semester and is not available for proration.

FSU Campus Recreation provides TCC2FSU Facilities Passholders with the following during normal operating hours:

  • Unlimited access to the Leach Student Recreation Center
  • Unlimited access to the Fitness & Movement Clinic in the Health & Wellness Center*
  • Unlimited access to the Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, and Rec SportsPlex for pick-up games and open recreation
  • Free gate admission to the FSU Reservation Waterfront Park
  • Group fitness classes at the Leach Center and FMC

As a passholder, you also have access to the following programs and services at great student rates:

  • Fitness assessment services at the FMC and Leach Center
  • Watercraft rental for use on Lake Bradford at the FSU Reservation

TCC2FSU Facilities Passholders do not receive access to Intramural Sports or Sport Club activities.  Thus, passholders have:

  • No access to play in an Intramural Sports league, tournament, or event (cannot join a team)
  • No access to participate in Sport Club practices, games, or events (membership not permitted)

* Note this pass only allows access to Campus Recreation’s Fitness & Movement Clinic, a smaller fitness gym, and does not permit access to any health services (doctors) that are available throughout the rest of the Health & Wellness Center.

Only TCC2FSU Program participants, as verified by TCC, are eligible to purchase the TCC2FSU Facilities Pass. TCC students that are not part of the TCC2FSU Program may be sponsored by a current FSU student for an Affiliate Membership. No access to Intramural Sports or Sport Clubs is available for TCC students or any other non-FSU student. TCC2FSU passholders are not eligible to purchase “Plus-One” affiliate memberships for other individuals.

Questions about the Guest Passes or the TCC Facilities Pass? Contact our Member Services Staff or call 850-644-0550.

How to Purchase a TCC2FSU Facilities Pass

Step 1: Purchase a Facilities Pass at the Leach Center

The TCC2FSU Facilities Pass is sold at Member Services, located at the entrance of the Dr. Bobby E. Leach Student Recreation Center. Valid college ID is required at the time of purchase to verify against TCC2FSU Program information provided by Tallahassee Community College. Payment by cash, check, or credit card is accepted for your pass.


Step 2: Purchase a Campus Recreation ID Card from the FSUCard Center

Once you have purchased a Facilities Pass from Campus Recreation, you will receive a form to take to the FSUCard Center to have a Campus Recreation ID Card made for your access to our facilities. The form from Campus Recreation is required to receive the ID card. A new card costs $15. Returning passholders may continue to use a previously purchased ID card. The FSUCard Center is located on the first level of the Woodward Avenue Parking Garage (across the street from the Oglesby Union).

Questions about how to purchase a guest pass or a TCC Facilities Pass? Contact our Member Services Staff or call 850-644-0550.


On weekdays between 7:30 am and 10:00 pm, any vehicles without an FSU parking permit are not permitted to park in the lots and parking garages immediately surrounding the Leach Center, FMC, Main Campus Fields, and Westside Courts. Parking is available all day on weekends and holidays for any non-FSU visitors in these lots. Please see posted signage at each lot for additional restrictions.

Near the Leach Center and FMC: Hourly parking, paid via the ParkMobile app, is available in the surface lot to the west of the Leach Center & Tully Gym along Chieftan Way.  Visitors may park for $1/hour from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm and $0.50/hour from 4:30 pm until 10:00 pm on weekdays.  Parking in these spaces is free before 7:30 am and after 10:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Please visit the FSU Transportation & Parking Services web site for additional information on permits and guest parking availability. Public transportation to campus is also available through Star Metro from the City of Tallahassee.