Florida State University's Fitness program offers a variety of training options for students and members including small group training sessions. Our entire staff is comprised of nationally-accredited, certified personal trainers.

Start to Fitness 2.0 Program

Exclusively for Faculty and Staff | Register here

Start to Fitness 2.0 pre-registration is here for Fall 2018! This small group personal training program exclusively for FSU faculty and staff will pair a 4 person team with a nationally certified trainer to identify and meet their fitness goals. Teams will accumulate points for showing up, participating, meeting goals and for extra workouts!  Friendly competition between teams will be encouraged as teams move from Start to Fitness.  The 10-week program for Campus Recreation members provides individualized training programs from nationally-certified personal trainers. Participants meet twice each week (that's 20 sessions!). Join with a friend and choose M/W at 12pm, M/W or T/R at 5:30pm.  Don't wait, as space is limited!

At each training session, your personal trainer will provide guidance to their team on using specific fitness equipment, knowledge on how to meet shared fitness goals, and motivate everyone throughout the entire program! Start to Fitness is designed to make you accountable to your trainer, team mates and most importantly, makes fitness fun!

Pre-Registration is begins August 6th for our Fall 2018 Start to Fitness 2.0 sessions via Rec Connect.

Start 2 Fitness Interest Form

Couch to 5K

Work towards your fitness goal of completing a 5K with 8 weeks of personalized run coaching through small group workouts.  Our Couch to 5K groups meet 2 times per week for 8 weeks (16 sessions). Our run coaches will register for the 5K race that follows at the conclusion of the training program (race registration not included) and run with you.

We look forward to offering this program again in the future.

Off the Couch and Running

This Spring semester program is for runners who are looking for more than a Couch to 5K program or who currently run and are looking to further develop their running efficiency and improve their pace.  Groups meet 2 times per week for 8 weeks (16 sessions total) and training will consist of running drills, track work and some road runs. This program is for the intermediate to advanced runner.

We look forward to offering this program again in the future.

SWOL (Start With Olympic Lifting)

This 6-week small group training class ($45) will focus on teaching the individual how to progress with olympic weightlifting.  Groups of 4 will be exposed to mobility work, program progressions, and accessory work.  The 1.5-hour session will be led by a certified USA-W Sports Performance Coach.  2 classes for 6 weeks means 12 sessions to build power and strength!

Sign-Up Here:  Look for our Fall offerings--coming soon!

Women On Weights (WOW)

This 8-week small group training class will focus on teaching the individual basic techniques on the weight room floor.  Work with a nationally certified personal trainer who will individually teach to you and help personalize your workouts.  This easy going atmosphere will help you to be comfortable and confident with weight training.  2 classes for 8 weeks means 16 sessions to get strong!

We look forward to offering this program again in the future.