The FSU Challenge is Florida State University’s teambuilding program, located at the FSU Reservation. The FSU Challenge provides opportunities for groups to participate in a variety of unique and exciting activities that encourage communication, trust, leadership, civility, and above all, fun!

Come check out our High Challenge Course!  It has 4 towers, 15 elements, and reaches over 50 feet in height, making it one of the largest courses in the Southeast. Visit our Facebook page for pictures!

We offer express (1-2 hours), half-day (3-4 hours), and full day (6-8 hours) to meet your needs.  While we’d love to host you on our low and high challenge courses at the Rez, we also offer programs that our staff can facilitate at off-site locations.

Program Options

Here’s a basic description of each of our courses to get you started. Once you request a course, we’ll work with you one-on-one to develop the best course for your group.

New Team, One Dream

In this program, we will assist your group members in building their relationships through challenging tasks and activities.  Your group will start to form new connections and build the foundations of the team you are striving to become.

Recommended for new groups, groups with many new members, introductions at the start of a new season or year, etc.

Transform Your Tribe

It’s time to take your teamwork to the next level.  In this program, we will help you identify each team member’s unique talents so that you can come together and form your ideal image of a team.

Recommended for groups whose members have specific roles or tasks (i.e. athletic teams), groups focused on strategic planning or goal setting, etc.

Turn Up The Volume

Talk “with” your group members, not “to” them.  This program is designed to help your group find and encourage more effective ways of communication to ensure that everyone’s messages are heard in the fashion that they are intended.

Recommended for groups with communication challenges, groups needing to collaborate, groups with new leadership, etc.

Everyone Can Lead

Everyone is capable of leading.  Let us provide your group with opportunities to put this belief to practice by participating in activities that helps you recognize the contributions of each team member, showing their inner-leader.

Recommended for new students, new officers in an organization or club, volunteer organizations, etc.

The Challenge of Civility

Learn to “disagree without being disagreeable.”  Our facilitators will help you create solutions for conflict resolutions and develop a new understanding of individual differences and the respect needed to promote ethical conduct.

Recommended for athletic teams, student groups, groups struggling with internal conflict, board members, etc.

Custom Courses

If one of our five themed courses do not fit your groups’ needs, our staff would love to customize a program specially for your group! 

Please submit a request to plan your program today!