Here at FSU Challenge, experiential education, safety, and fun are at the heart of everything we do, whether you’re 40 feet in the air on our high ropes course, a couple feet off the ground on the low course, or fully on the ground in an express team building program.

We can develop an interactive, experiential team building program customized to meet your specific needs. Many unique groups utilize the course, including FSU organizations, community groups, businesses, and beyond. Your team could be the next to conquer the course, register today!

Team Building Programs

Our Team Building programs offer groups the opportunity to work through challenges with specific learning outcomes in mind. Our facilitators will tailor the activities to your team, allowing them to take the lessons they’ve learned on the course back to the office, classroom, and real life.

Express Courses

Providing 2 hours of low-risk challenges in an open-field setting. Great option for groups looking to pair a challenge course with another activity at the FSU Lakefront Park, such as a picnic or paddling excursion.

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Low Challenge Courses

Providing 3 to 4 hours of low-risk challenges in a combination of field and wooded settings. Low challenge activities are the foundation for building effective teamwork and may incorporate balancing, jumping, or climbing on special structures.

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High Challenge Courses

Providing 3 to 4 hours low-risk challenges with activities that may be conducted at a height of approximately 40 feet. Participants will be secured on a belay device with constant supervision from a trained facilitator. A high challenge course may be an ideal option for groups looking to give participants a combination of group and individual challenges.

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Combination Courses

Providing 3 to 4 hours of challenges beginning with Low Challenge Course activities followed by a High Course adventure. This is a great option for any group looking for the best of both experiences!

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Off-Site Programs

Our facilitators will come to your location in the Tallahassee area to lead team building activities. Activities may be limited depending on group size and location. Simply submit a request to get the conversation started.

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Special Events

Join the Outdoor Adventures Team each spring for a pair of unique events. Our Cupid’s Challenge program each February brings high and low challenges to couples. And, our PhenomeNOLE Adventure Race in March features a lake swim and a cross country run at the FSU Lakefront Park.

Watch for details on social media @FSUCampusRec.

Recreational Programs

Our Recreational programs are designed for one reason, to have fun! If you’re searching for a place for your team to enjoy each others company and experience an adrenaline rush together, this is the option for you. Whatever the occasion, all sized groups are welcome to come out and participate in our programs.

Climbing Wall

Come and get vertical at our 40 foot climbing wall. Our 3 hour wall rental includes all of the necessary climbing equipment along with two of our climbing instructors to teach you the basics, belay you up the wall, and keep you safe.

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Zip Jump

Our Zip Jump takes the excitement of zip line and pairs it with the adrenaline rush of a quick rappel. After you climb up our 40 ft tower you will have two choices to get down, our Ripper or our TruBlu. The Zip Jump Rental is 3 hours allows for members of your group to do each option as many times as they would like.

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Giant Swing

Your adventure begins by climbing up our 40 ft tower. Upon reaching the top, our facilitators will clip you into The Giant Swing which puts your average playground swing to shame. One little hop off the platform and a giant 95 ft pendulum swing into the canopy. A 3 hour rental allows for members of your group to participate as many times as they would like.

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Questions & Comments

Have questions about the FSU Challenge and its many program options? Our staff is here to help you get involved.

Call the FSU Challenge staff at 850.644.2266, Mondays through Fridays, 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, send us an email, or visit our staff at the FSU Lakefront Park Administrative Offices.