FSU Fitness offers Olympic Lifting in the Leach Center. The Olympic Lifting area is a monitored, controlled space where FSU students and Campus Rec members may perform Olympic-style lifts after meeting certain safety criteria. Each Olympic lifter must be approved by FSU Campus Recreation prior to lifting.

Olympic Lifting Rules

  • Olympic lifting on platforms is restricted to patrons who are FSU Campus Recreation Olympic Lifting Approved. See below for information on the Intro to Olympic Lifting class and the OL Skills Test opportunities.
  • Each patron must check-in at the Fitness Desk with their FSUCard to have access to platforms. Patrons must visibly display the designated Olympic Lifting tag when performing Olympic lifts. Tags are non-transferable and must be checked out individually at the Fitness Desk.
  • Olympic lifting patrons with a tag will take priority over other exercises on the platforms.
  • Bumper plates and boxes can ONLY be used for Olympic lifting.
  • Use of chalk is strictly prohibited.
  • Only ONE patron is permitted on the platform area at one time. Maximum of TWO patrons may use the platforms at any given time. Group use is strictly prohibited.
  • Only ONE barbell is permitted on the platform at any given time. All other barbells MUST be racked.
  • Olympic Lifting bars — black shaft with chrome sleeves — may ONLY be used on the Olympic Lifting platforms, for Olympic Lifting and Deadlifts.
  • Use of vertically stacked weight plates to create a heightened pulling base is prohibited.
  • Users shall rerack all weight plates, barbells, blocks, and collars to their respective places.
  • Spotting for Olympic lifting is strictly prohibited.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in suspension from platform privileges and possible suspension from the facility.

Intro to Olympic Lifting Class

IOL is a class consisting of a two-hours session that introduces the fundamental skills of Olympic Lifting for personal fitness and strength & conditioning. The three movements that will be taught are the Clean, the Jerk, and the Snatch. Emphasis will be placed on proper techniques, safety, fitness programming, accessory exercises, and the overall benefits of Olympic Lifting. During the last half of session, there will be a practical skills test where all participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate lifting technique and become approved (CLEARED) for Olympic Lifting. IOL class will meet at the Leach Center Atrium.

  • Intro to Olympic Lifting (IOL) Classes will be offered periodically throughout the semester, at least once per month.  Each session will be approximately an hour and  half long and limited to 10 students each.
  • Classes are taught by USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaches in the Olympic Lifting Area or Leach PT Studio.
  • IOL will teach the three main lifts (Snatch, Clean, and Jerk), mobility, accessory exercises, safety procedures, and programming.
  • At the conclusion of the class, there will be a Practical Skills Test for all students completing the IOL.
  • A checklist will be used to objectively grade each individual’s performance on all three of the lifts.
  • Patrons who cannot successfully complete the test will not be approved (NOT CLEARED) and will be required to return to another testing session.

Olympic Lifting (OL) Skills Test

This one-hour session is for patrons with prior Olympic Lifting experience who have not yet passed the Olympic Lifting Skills Test. The session will briefly go over the three lifts, the Clean, the Jerk, and the Snatch. Each participant will then perform all three lifts for the opportunity to be approved (CLEARED) for Olympic lifting. For beginners, we encourage you to take the Intro to Olympic Lifting Class, as this one-hour class does not go into details on perfecting form or technique. OL Skills Test sessions will meet in the Leach Center Atrium.

  • A standard OL Skills Test will be offered to patrons who do not wish to attend an IOL class and feel confident to perform the exercises safely and correctly. Skills Test sessions will be scheduled periodically throughout the semester, at least once per month, with additional classes based on demand. Sessions will be approximately 1 hour in length and limited to 10 patrons each.
  • Skills Test sessions and evaluations will be conducted under the supervision of USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaches in the Olympic Lifting area at the Leach Center.
  • Each participant will perform each of the three compulsory lifts, for three consecutive repetitions per lift, to show proper mechanics and control during the lift(s). Only the OL bar will be used as weight. The instructor reserves the right to request more repetitions for any of the lifts to ensure safe and proper movement patterns.
  • A standardized checklist will be used to objectively grade the patron’s performance.
  • If a patron performs one or more lifts incorrectly, the patron will be corrected, given feedback, and allowed to make one more attempt for each missed lift. If the second attempt is failed, the patron is NOT CLEARED, and will be required to either return to complete the test at another time or attend an IOL class.

OL Skills

To be approved to Olympic lift in the Leach Center, patrons must pass a skills test that includes each of the following items.


  • Hands are between hip and shoulder width apart.
  • Shoulders are over bar.
  • Head is up.
  • Spine is neutral.
  • Bar stays close to body.
  • Heels come off the floor on the second pull.
  • Maintains control through the catch.
  • Maintains neutral spine through entire lift.
  • Elbows are high, Humerus are parallel to the ground after the catch.
  • Hips are fully extended before the drop.


  • Bar rests on shoulders.
  • Elbows are pointing forward, humerus are parallel to the ground.
  • Spine is neutral, head is up.
  • Dip and Drive are evident.
  • Head comes through the arms after the drive.
  • Bar remains fixed overhead.


  • Hands are wider than shoulder width.
  • Shoulders are over bar.
  • Head is up.
  • Spine is neutral.
  • Bar stays close to body.
  • Heels come off the floor on the second pull.
  • Hips extend through the second pull.
  • Head comes through the arms after the catch.
  • Bar remains fixed, overhead.