Having trouble with your FSU Rec mobile app? Here are solutions to common problems.

Creating an Account

You must create a new account in the mobile app. It is not connected to your logins currently in use for other University online applications.

Current FSU students, faculty, and staff should use their FSU email address to create an account. Addresses ending in @fsu.edu, @my.fsu.edu, and @admin.fsu.edu are accepted. In order to properly identify you for class check-in or other reservations, please use the name that matches your FSUCard.

Other Campus Recreation members can create an account using any email address.  In order to properly identify you for class check-in or other reservations, please use the name that matches your membership record with Campus Recreation.

Reserving and Access Time

Starting May 9th, reservations will not be required to visit any Campus Recreation facility.  All facilities are open access, available for walk-in participants up to facility capacity.  When full, patrons must wait outside for another patron to exit.

Registering for Classes, Clinics, and Events

From the home screen, touch the Classes icon to view classes in the upcoming week.

Select your class and touch the Reserve button.  It will change to Reserved and you’re all set.  To learn more about the class before reserving, just touch the name of the class for more info. Group fitness class registration begins 25 hours prior to the class’s start time.  And, you’ll need to check-in at the class location at least 10 minutes prior to class time to keep your spot.

For outdoor rec clinics, IM sports drop-in nights and special events, and fitness clinics and form checks, registration starts up to 7 days prior to the activity. 

To cancel a registration, just return to the app and select the Reservations tab.  Then, touch the class reservation you need to cancel and the Cancel Reservation button.  Canceling as soon as possible and at least 1 hour prior to class time is appreciated to open spaces for other users.

Need assistance with the app?  Contact us for specific issues at the numbers or emails below.

  • General App Assistance: Call 850-644-0548 or Email Us. 
  • Assistance Registering for Group Fitness Classes or Fitness Clinics: Call 850-644-0543.
  • Assistance Registering for Intramural Sports Offerings: Call 850-644-2430.
  • Assistance Registering for Outdoor Rec Clinics: Call 850-644-6892.

Activating Features in New Version

When updating your FSU Rec app to a newer version, users may need to log out, close the application, relaunch and log in again to view new features of the most recent app version.

(1) Touch the menu button in the upper left.

(2) Select “Account” in the menu.

(3) Select “Logout”. Close & relaunch app then log in again.

Adding Your FSUCard

Add your FSUCard to the FSU Rec app to scan at facility entrances for access.  App users are matched with their University photo in our access system to verify eligibility.

(1) Touch the “Check In” button on the home screen.

(2) Enter your complete 16-digit FSUCard number.

(3) Your ID barcode will show when next select “Check In”.