The following policies apply to guests and activities at Dr. Bobby E. Leach Student Recreation Center and the Fitness & Movement Clinic. Send us an email via our Contact Us page or give us a call at (850) 644-0548 with any questions. Policies are effective June 15, 2024.

Access Policies

Leach Center and FMC Facility Access

The Leach Center and the Fitness & Movement Clinic are member-only facilities. Current FSU students may access both facilities with their current, valid FSUCard. Faculty, staff, and FSU affiliates may purchase memberships to gain access to the fitness facilities. Guest passes are available to affiliated and non-affiliated persons for access to either facility.

  • Patrons must present their FSUCard for entry into each facility.
  • Access to both facilities is available only during designated periods with Campus Recreation staff present. Any unauthorized use during closed or unsupervised periods is considered trespassing.
  • General access to any facility may be limited during intersession and holiday breaks and due to special reservations or rentals.
  • It is a violation of University policy to utilize any FSU facility during supervised or unsupervised periods for personal financial gain (See “Unauthorized Personal Training” below).
  • No pets, alcohol, tobacco, glass containers, or weapons are permitted at all Campus Recreation facilities.

Patron Behavior

Students, faculty, staff, members, and guests of Campus Recreation facilities and programs shall behave with civility and appropriate conduct and comply with posted instructions or signs and with the directions of Departmental staff and University officials while utilizing the facilities, programs, and services. Users must present valid FSUCard when requested by any Campus Recreation staff member.

Aggressive, unsafe, or reckless behavior is explicitly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: promoting or engaging in physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion, and/or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person. The use of fighting words to harass any employee or guest in connection with official University functions or University-sponsored programs is prohibited.

Engaging in disorderly or lewd conduct, including being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances is strictly prohibited.

Entering unauthorized areas such as offices, maintenance workshops, or storage rooms without the express permission of Campus Recreation will be considered trespassing.

Posting, advertising, conducting unauthorized private lessons or training, and soliciting individuals for personal services, businesses, or agencies are prohibited in departmental facilities.

Rules for utilizing facility space or equipment or participating in departmental activities are established by specific departmental programs or facility areas and are posted at or near the specific space or activity or are reviewed by staff prior to the activity. Questions regarding rules should be directed to Campus Recreation staff prior to participation.

Individuals or groups found in violation of any provisions of these policies are subject to immediate removal from a facility or activity, suspension of future facility or activity privileges, forfeiture of all fees, and further actions by the Department of Campus Recreation, Dean of Students Office, FSU Police, and other University entities.

Fitness Floor Policies

  • All users must wear appropriate workout attire and closed-toe, non-marking, athletic shoes. Personal belongings must be kept in a locker and off the fitness floor.
  • Only water and sports drinks are allowed on the fitness floor or near any fitness equipment. All beverages must be in a sealed container. Disposable cups are not permitted. No food or gum is permitted on the fitness floor.
  • Users shall clean equipment after use. Complementary sanitizing wipes are available at cleaning stations and workout towels are available at the front desk.
  • Cell phone use for talking or messaging is prohibited on the fitness floor. Photography and audio/video recording is prohibited in all areas of the facility without prior approval.
  • Patrons lift at their own risk. If in doubt, please consult a Fitness staff member prior to using the equipment.
  • No slamming or dropping of weights. Users must return bars/weights and fitness equipment to their proper locations immediately after use.
  • Free weights must remain in spaces designated for free weight use and may not be transported to other areas of the facility.
  • Olympic lifting is permitted in designated areas and at designated times only, under the supervision of Campus Recreation staff.
  • Personal exercise equipment and the use of chalk are prohibited on the fitness floor.
  • Unauthorized personal training is prohibited.
  • Patrons are asked to adhere to a 30-minute time limit for all cardio equipment during peak times. Peak times are defined as those instances when all pieces of one equipment type are in use.

Other Policies

The following dress code applies while using the the Leach Center and Fitness & Movement Clinic including the fitness floor, mezzanine, group fitness and training areas, the basketball courts, and multipurpose court areas:

  • All users must wear appropriate workout attire and shoes.
  • Shorts may not expose the buttocks.  Shorts and pants shall be free of belts, studs, rivets, and zippers that may damage facility equipment.
  • Shoes must be closed-toed and cover the entire foot.  Shoes must be worn at all times when the patron is outside of the locker rooms and aquatic areas.
  • Sandals, boots, and heels are not permitted in activity areas.

Additionally, the following dress code applies at the Fitness & Movement Clinic (view FMC Dress Code examples):

  • Shirts must cover the full torso and may not expose skin below the shoulder blades.  The armpit gap must be less than the palm of a hand.

Dress codes for aquatic areas (pool, spa, steam room, and sauna) are posted in those specific areas.

The following violations, or the aiding, abetting, conspiring, soliciting, inciting of, or attempting to commit these violations, constitute violations of the Student Conduct Code.

Misrepresentation or Misuse of Identity or Identification
1.f.10(a): Permits another person to use his or her identification.
1.f.10(b): Inappropriate use of another person’s identification.
1.f.10(c): Impersonation, or misrepresenting the authority to act on behalf of another or the University.
1.f.10(d): Forgery, alteration, or misuse of identification, documents, records, keys, or access codes.
1.f.10(e): Manufacture, distribution, delivery, sale, purchase, possession, or use of false identification.

Campus Recreation reserves the right for immediate disciplinary actions which may result is suspension from the facility or revocation of membership and access to all departmental facilities and programs.

Florida State University Campus Recreation defines unauthorized personal training as “fitness instruction to another individual, or leading someone in a planned and prescribed exercise program that is not created, designed, or sanctioned by FSU Campus Recreation, its facilities, affiliated areas, or its employees.”

Campus Recreation requires all trainers in departmental facilities or in association with departmental programming to maintain certification through a nationally recognized organization and meet specific academic requirements essential for quality personal training.

FSU Campus Recreation prohibits unauthorized personal training for the following reasons:

  • The department cannot adequately control the quality of training from individuals that are not employed by the FSU Campus Recreation. Non-FSU staff may not have adequate academic preparation, ability, training, or experience to correctly train clients. In addition, our facilities are limited in their ability to regulate these individuals in order to prevent or correct potential erroneous information or technique passed on to its clients.
  • Even if a person maintains a nationally recognized training certification, if that person is not employed by the department, that person has not been trained by FSU Campus Recreation Department on the policies, rules, guidelines, procedures, or standards that are specific to our facilities and equipment.
  • A legal liability arises for the department if we are aware of outside trainers working within our facilities and an unauthorized trainer is involved in the injury of a patron.
  • Profiting from the use of state property — i.e. FSU Campus Recreation equipment or facilities — without consent is illegal.

Patrons interested in receiving personal training services are encouraged to discuss  paid options with a Campus Recreation staff member or seek opportunities outside of Campus Recreation facilities.

Organized group activities and individualized or small group instruction are not permitted in the Leach Center or FMC without a confirmed reservation of a specific space.

Individuals or small groups that wish to utilize a Leach Center racquet sports court for recreational activity may reserve a court in 60-minute increments by contacting the Leach Center Front Desk at 850-644-0548 up to 1 week in advance of the requested time.

Small groups may utilize other spaces for general recreational play which may include teaching of skills to a group member, but additional equipment may not be set-up in the space for more advanced instruction.  During such times, these spaces remain open for other patrons to share for their own recreational activities.

Groups that wish to utilize basketball court, fitness floor, indoor track, or pool spaces for organized activities shall formally request space through the Fitness Facilities Request Process.

Day-use lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Members must remove all items in day-use lockers when they leave the facility. If day-use lockers are not emptied by closing each day, Campus Recreation staff will remove all locker contents and keep items in Lost & Found.

  • Each patron is responsible for his/her locker and the belongings placed inside of it.
  • Campus Recreation is not liable for the loss or theft of any personal items.

In the event that a patron forgets the locker number and/or passcode:

  • Due to the liability of lost or damaged items, Campus Recreation staff is only permitted to open ONE locker of the patron’s choice.
  • If the locker selected does not belong to the patron, they must return to retrieve their items from Lost & Found on the next operating day.

Tips to remember your locker number and four digit code:

  • Choose a four digit code with significance (a part of your birthdate, for example).
  • Text your locker number to yourself.

Photography and audio or video recording of individuals participating in noncompetitive activities and commercial photography and recording of individuals in any activity must have prior approval from the Department of Campus Recreation and/or the Office of University Communications and is otherwise prohibited. In order to film or take photos in our facilities or at your event, you must complete this request form prior to your event. You will receive approval or denial within 2-3 business days.