Have questions, comments, or suggestions for us?  Here’s a quick list of our staff with phone numbers and email links.  Need to connect a face to a name?  Visit our Meet Our Team page for photos and specific email addresses.

Phone & Email Directory

Executive Staff

Ask us about Budget Management, Personnel Management, Strategic Planning, and more

Chris Morris, Director – 850.644.0553

David Peters, Senior Associate Director – 850.644.7698

Mike Collins, Associate Director, Sports Facilities & Programs – 850.644.7699

Darryl Lovett, Associate Director, Fitness Facilities & Programs – 850.645.0475

Jen McKee, Associate Director, Outdoor Adventure Facilities & Programs – 850.645.0283

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Administrative Staff

Ask us about Administrative Questions, Budgets, Financial Questions, HR Questions & Paperwork, Assessment, Student Development

Jenna Ulewicz, Human Resources Specialist – 850.644.0549

Ian Michael, Administrative Assistant – 850.645.0792

Joe Blanks, Business Manager – 850.644.0555

Ahmed Mahdy, IT Specialist – 850.644.8606

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Marketing & Special Events

Ask us about Advertising Inquiries, Media Interviews or Filming/Photography Requests, Public Relations, and Outreach

Vacant, Assistant Director for Marketing & Special Events – 850.645.0353

Emma Moody, Graduate Assistant – 850.645.0353

Sara Moran, Graduate Assistant – 850.645.0353

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Member Services

Ask us about Memberships, Lockers & Towel Services, Equipment Checkout, Customer Service

Leach Center Front Desk / Member Services – 850.644.0548

Kari Scott DiDonato, Coordinator for Member Services – 850.644.0550

Email the Member Services Team

Fitness Programs

Ask us about Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Fitness Coaching, Fitness Assessments, Strength & Conditioning

Lynn Grasso, Assistant Director for Fitness – 850.644.0546

Chris Byrne, Coordinator for Fitness Programs – 850.644.1613

Becky Eacho, Coordinator for Group Fitness Programs – 850.644.0547

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Fitness Facility Operations

Ask us about the Leach Student Recreation Center, the Fitness & Movement Clinic, Facility Amenities and Policies, Facility Operations, Drop-In Recreation, Building Maintenance

Leach Center Front Desk – 850.644.0548

Fitness & Movement Clinic Front Desk – 850.645.0601

Ashford Evans-Brown, Assistant Director, Fitness Facility Operations – 850.645.0603

Megan Brady, Coordinator, Fitness Facility Operations – 850.645.0602

Bobby Broome, Maintenance Superintendent – 850.644.0545

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Ask me about Swim Lessons, Health & Safety Courses, Lifeguarding, Aquatic Facilities, Pool Amenities and Policies

Lizzie Milkas, Coordinator for Aquatics – 850.644.4531

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Competitive Sports Facilities

Ask us about the Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, Harkins Field, Westside Courts, Speicher Tennis Center, Tully Gymnasium, Facility Amenities and Policies, Facility Reservations and Rentals

Main Campus Fields Administrative Office – 850.644.7902

Chris Toliver, Assistant Director for Competitive Sports Facilities – 850.645.0922

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Intramural Sports

Ask us about Intramural Sports Leagues & Events, IM Rules & Principles, IMLeagues Registration and Navigation, Extramural Events

Intramural Sports Office – 850.644.2430

Ben Holmes, Assistant Director for Intramural Sports – 850.644.4925

Brittany Mueller, Coordinator for Intramural Sports – 850.644.0552

Email the Intramural Sports Team

Athletic Training

Ask us about Athletic Training, Clinic Services and Hours

Dan Gilfeather, Assistant Director for Athletic Training – 850.645.4861

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Sport Clubs

Ask me about Sport Clubs

Brandon Corley, Coordinator for Sport Clubs – 850.645.0923

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The Rez: FSU’s Lakefront Park & Outdoor Center

Ask us about the Lakefront Park, Retreat Center, Waterfront Activities, Facility Rentals

Rez Lakefront Park Main Office (operates during business hours) – 850.644.6892

Rez Waterfront Office (operates during park hours) – 850.644.2449

Erik Bricker, Assistant Director for Outdoor Adventure Facilities – 850.645.0283

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Outdoor Recreation

Ask us about Outdoor Pursuits Adventure Trips & Skills Clinics, Climbing Wall, FSU Challenge Teambuilding Programs, Camp Flastacowo Summer Camp

Jordan Merrick, Assistant Director for Experiential and Outdoor Programs – 850.644.2266

Sean Wilkinson, Coordinator for Challenge Programs – 850.644.6124

Sean Bricker, Coordinator for Outdoor Pursuits & Camp Flastacowo – 850.645.2750

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