Here are the steps to follow to register an upcoming IM league, tournament, or special event.

Team Registration

For team sports leagues and special events, one person needs to take the lead and complete the registration process.  We consider those leaders to be the Team Captain. Check out our Team Captain Tips page for all the insider information you need to make sure you get your team fully registered for an upcoming league or event.

For single-person sports, you’ll simply register yourself.  For doubles, one person needs to take the lead and complete the registration process.

All team registration is through our IM registration & schedules portal: IM Leagues. You’ll use your FSU login and password to access the site, then you’ll be ready to register.  No special accounts to create!

Team Members

If you’ve been recruited to join an existing IM team, you’ll have two ways to get on the roster as a Team Member.

(1) Your team captain will send an invite to you via email from our IMLeagues system. If you don’t get one, ask your team captain to send you a request. Then, use the link in the invite which will take you to our IM Leagues registration portal where you’ll login (FSUID and password) and complete a few steps to be added to the team’s roster.

(2) Our staff can also add you to a roster at the game site prior to a game during pregame check-in at the check-in window or table at our facility. Bring your ID!

Note, players are limited to one team in a single-gender league (men’s or women’s) and, when available, can play on an additional co-rec team. Players are similarly limited to one co-rec team per sport. So, be sure you’re on the team you want when you complete the registration process. No changes are permitted!

For every game, all players should bring their FSUCard or present their IMLeagues app at the game site to check-in prior to the game. Arrive early to check-in as game time is forfeit time, you must be checked in and ready at the field or court to play at the scheduled game time.

Need a Team?

We call individuals looking for teams “free agents”, similar to the professional leagues. Head over to our IM Leagues registration site, login, then look for one of two options.

(1) You can register as a free agent to let existing teams know you are available by clicking on “Free Agents” in the top menu bar (click “More” if needed) and selecting what sports you are interested in and when you can play. Existing teams can check the list of Free Agents and contact you to join their team. Note you only can play on one single-gender team & one co-rec team in a sport for the entire season. No changing teams!

(2) Or, click on a sport in the list and look for the “Free Agents – Sign Up Here!” team in our leagues and you’ll be placed on a team with other free agents. Once that team has enough players, you’ll have a spot in the league.

See our Sports Planner for registration periods and season start dates to make sure you sign-up in time.

Getting Connected at the Game Site

If the IM Leagues free agent route doesn’t work for you, you can also be at the game site to see if a team needs extra players. Sometimes teams are practicing in an open field and you can connect with them there. Or, you may find a team is in need of extra players to play a game that night. You can be added to an accepting team right at the game site, simply by presenting your FSUCard at the check-in window.

If you jump on a team at the game site, you’ll want to be properly equipped for the game. And remember, you can only play on one single-gender team and one co-rec team in a sport. And, you cannot change teams for a sport once you’ve signed in that first time.

Questions or Comments?

Going the free agent route isn’t the easiest, but once you find a team, you may find that you’ll play other sports together for the rest of the year or even your college career! And, if you have any questions, feel free to stop by the IM Office at the Main Campus Fields (1001 St. Augustine St.), call us at 850-644-2430, or email us for assistance. We’re happy to help!