All requests for reservations of outdoor Competitive Sports facilities must be made through the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports Facilities located at the Main Campus Fields (1001 W. St. Augustine St). The Assistant Director will review all requests and determine the availability of the facilities. Certain fees and special arrangements may be required in order for the group to utilize the facility to hold its event. These fees and procedures are outlined below. Complete the online Competitive Sports Facility Request Form to get started on your request

Policies are effective August 7, 2023. For other Campus Recreation facilities, please visit our Facilities Information page.

Sports Facility Reservation Policies & Procedures

Available Outdoor Sports Facilities
Located on FSU’s Southwest Campus, the Rec SportsPlex is a 104-acre facility that encompasses 21 sports fields and additional activity spaces.  The Rec SportsPlex is a limited-access facility, providing space for the recreational activities of current FSU students, faculty, and staff during designated open hours only, weather permitting.

The Main Campus Fields, at the corner of St. Augustine Street and Woodward Avenue on the FSU Main Campus, comprise 13 acres and encompass four (4) sports field spaces.  The Main Campus Fields is an open-access facility, providing space for the recreational activities of current FSU students, faculty, and staff during daylight hours, weather permitting.

The Westside Courts, located on the west side of FSU’s main campus behind Salley Hall and near the Seminole Cafe dining facility, is comprised of 2 basketball courts, 2 sand volleyball courts, 8 pickleball courts, and an outdoor fitness court. The Westside Courts are available for FSU students, faculty, and staff during daylight hours, weather permitting.

Tully Gymnasium, located on FSU’s main campus between the Leach Recreation Center and the Scott Speicher Tennis Complex, contains 4 indoor basketball courts. Tully Gym is home to three University Programs, Academics (Sport Management and Lifetime Activities Program,) Athletics (Women’s Volleyball) as well as Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs.  Availability for space in Tully Gym is extremely limited and only available to other users through request and reservation of the space.

The Scott Speicher Tennis Complex, located on FSU’s main campus between Tully Gym and the Chemical Science Labs, is comprised of 12 hard tennis courts. The Speicher Tennis Complex is home to three University programs, Academics (Sport Management and Lifetime Activities Program,) Athletics (Men’s & Women’s Tennis) as well as Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs. Courts are available for Open Recreation during select hours throughout the week when not in use by scheduled programs or events.

Facility Use Guidelines
The Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, and Westside Courts are to be used for intramural programming, sport club programming, and other recreational, instructional or sporting activities that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the university’s academic, athletic, student affairs, and other auxiliary units.

Campus Recreation will designate appropriate space for all events, depending on the type of event.  Campus Recreation also reserves the right to limit the number and type of activities that take place at a facility at any given time.  View our facility hours and facility policies for further details.

Spaces Available for Reservation
The Rec SportsPlex is comprised of twelve (12) multipurpose fields (i.e. IM flag football, IM soccer), five (5) softball fields, four (4) tournament (sport club) fields, and an area of green festival space.  A single reservable space at the Rec SportsPlex is comprised of one of the following: 1 softball field, 1 tournament field, 1 pair of multipurpose fields, or the festival space.

The Main Campus Fields facility contains four (4) quadrants of field space, with two quadrants containing clay infield areas.  A single reservable space at the Main Campus Fields is comprised of a single quadrant of the facility.

The Westside Courts facility contains three (3) reservable spaces: the pair of basketball courts / pickleball courts, the upper sand volleyball court, and the lower sand volleyball court.

Approved and Prohibited Activities
All outdoor field and court spaces are available only for recreational activities, unless special approval is granted.  All planned activities must be approved during the reservation process by a member of the Campus Recreation administrative staff. Approval of new or additional activities at the facility is not permitted.

Field and court spaces are designated for appropriate sport-related activities. On recreational fields, approved activities include flag football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, softball, wiffleball, kickball, baseball, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey, and Archery Tag. General physical activities such as running are also permitted. Elementary recess-type games such as tag are also permissible. On recreational courts, approved activities include tennis, basketball, and dodgeball. The sand volleyball court is designated for sand volleyball only. Additional activities may be permitted upon approval of the Campus Recreation administrative staff.

Prohibited activities include non-sport-related activities such as concerts and related events that require a stage or other heavy equipment. Sport activities that may cause significant damage to the fields such as golf are also not permitted. Any activity involving water such as a slip-and-slide or water olympics and water balloons are not allowed. Skateboarding and biking is not permitted on court surfaces. Bubble Soccer is also a prohibited activity as it’s been deemed “unsafe” by the University. Additional activities may be not permitted due to safety considerations and risk management guidelines.

The Rec SportsPlex festival space may be available to host events such as festivals, picnics, and other approved activities that are not permitted on our traditional field and court spaces.

No group or organization may release space to another individual or group.  Reservations for space are group or event specific and may be changed only by FSU Campus Recreation.  Campus Recreation must approve the method of placing decorations, exhibits, or displays in recreation spaces and outdoor fields.

Group Representative Responsibilities
The person(s) representing the group that will be reserving any Campus Recreation outdoor facility shall be responsible for informing all participants, group members, and spectators of all Campus Recreation and Competitive Sports policies and procedures, stated within this document. Failure to adhere to the facility rental policies and procedures by any person(s) associated with said group may result in an immediate termination of the reservation. Should the event be terminated any and all fees and deposits will be forfeited by the group.

Facility user groups have been classified into the following categories for the purposes of reservation availability and priority.

For purposes of this policy, a participant is defined as an individual who is taking active part in the hosted activity to include, but not limited to, such actions as playing in a game or match, giving or receiving instruction or coaching, or practicing related skills.  All of the event’s active participants must be current FSU students, faculty, or full-time staff.  For some events, visiting sport club members, properly registered organization members, and outside user groups may use the facility with proper approval from the Assistant Director for Competitive Sports Facilities.  These instances will be handled on a case by case basis and additional restrictions or requirements may apply.

Additionally, specific NCAA guidelines prohibit discounted rates to select groups or organizations depending on the relationship between the renting group or person and the FSU Athletics staff.

Reservation priority will be determined by the following order of classification.

Priority (1) Campus Recreation Programming
(a) Intramural Sports: Includes all sports leagues, tournaments, events, and activities organized, planned, promoted and executed by the FSU Intramural Sports Program.
(b) Sport Clubs: Includes approved events organized, planned, promoted, and executed by a sport club that is currently registered with the FSU Sport Club Program.

Priority (2) University Groups and Organizations
(a) FSU Recognized Student Organizations: Includes events organized, planned, promoted, and executed by a student organization that is currently recognized by the FSU Student Organizations & Involvement Office.
(b) Other FSU Groups: Includes events organized, planned, promoted, and executed by other official FSU departments and offices.

Priority (3) University Related Groups and Organizations
(a) FSU Athletics: Includes activities officially sponsored or hosted by the FSU Athletic Department or one of the FSU intercollegiate athletic teams.    
(b) Groups and Organizations not officially recognized by or affiliated with the University, or otherwise failing to meet preceding paragraph, but are related to the University because of the promotion of interests of the University.

Priority (4) Non-University Related Groups and Organizations
(a) Outside Groups or Other Functions: Includes all other activities that are not classified in one of the aforementioned categories.

NOTICE:  Groups found in violation of any provisions in the facility rules, policies, and procedures are subject to immediate termination of the event, suspension of future reservation privileges, forfeiture of all deposits and fees, and further actions by the Campus Recreation Department, Dean of Students, Student/University Judicial Board, and/or University Guest Services.

Priority Reservation Deadline
All facility requests received by the priority reservation deadline established for the particular four-month period will be ranked according to their assigned priority and the reception date of request. Facility requests received after the priority reservation deadline will be considered in the order in which they are received. If two or more groups reserve the same date, the group that submits their deposit first will be given first priority for the date.  The following schedule has been established for priority reservation deadlines:

Fall Semester Reservations
The priority deadline date for reservations in September, October, November, & December is August 1st (or the next business day).

Spring Semester Reservations
The priority deadline date for reservations in January, February, March, & April is November 1st (or the next business day).

Summer Semester Reservations
The priority deadline date for reservations in May, June, July, & August is March 1st (or the next business day).

Campus Recreation reserves the right to reserve space for outside groups in advance of the Priority Reservation Deadline.

Rental Request Procedure
Groups wishing to rent or reserve space at any facility managed by Campus Recreation Competitive Sports must complete a Competitive Sports Facility Request Form.  Online requests are submitted directly to the Competitive Sports staff.  Printed requests can be dropped off at our administrative offices during normal business hours at the Main Campus Fields, 1001 West St. Augustine St, Tallahassee, FL 32306.  Requests can be mailed to FSU Campus Recreation, Competitive Sports Facilities Staff, 118 Varsity Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4290 or faxed to 850-644-0558.

Request Deadlines
Requests from Campus Recreation and University Groups & Organizations (Priority Groups 1 and 2) must be submitted at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the event date to be considered.  Requests from University Related Groups and Non-University Related Groups (Priority Groups 3 and 4) must be submitted at least four weeks (28 days) prior to the event date to be considered.

Campus Rec reserves the right to schedule any and all events that are vital to the mission of the Department. Sport Club have the privilege of requesting space earlier than the request time periods for the purpose of hosting large scale events that are supported by the Department of Campus Recreation.

Campus Rec reserves the right to reserve certain weekends for Non-University Groups that have annual events that are important in developing the relationship between the University and the Tallahassee Community.

Certain fees, special arrangements, and/or special event permits may be required in order for the group to utilize the facility to hold the event.  Information on requirements, fees, and special event permits follow.  Note that deposits must also be received at the request deadline (two weeks or four weeks, as noted).  The event must be approved by the Facility Director for the event to be scheduled.

Request Approval
FSU Campus Recreation staff will review each reservation request as it is received.  If the event is in compliance with the facility use guidelines and the conditions of approval are met, the staff and/or Campus Recreation Board will approve and schedule the event.  Depending on the nature of the event and who is requesting the event, the Campus Recreation Board may need to approve the requested event at their regularly scheduled meetings.  Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee confirmation.  Confirmation of the reservation will be sent via email to the requesting group’s event coordinator.

Upon confirmation of space and date availability, the reserving group shall complete the following forms, as requested.

Facility Rental Agreement
Groups must complete the Facility Rental Agreement prior to approval of the event.

Alternate Arrangements Form
In order to secure a facility reservation, all groups must complete the Alternate Accommodations Form.  Groups with date or time inflexibility must secure an alternate facility or declare their intent to cancel their reservation in the event that the Campus Recreation facility is closed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Special Event Permit (if necessary)
University Groups and Organizations (FSU Recognized Student Organizations and other FSU Groups (Priority Group 2)) will be required to obtain a Special Event Permit through the Student Activities Center.  Other classification groups may be required to obtain a Special Event Permit depending on the details of the reservation.  Additional permits such as food permits, vendor permits, or inflatable permits may be necessary in addition to the Special Event Permit.  The Student Activities Center and/or Campus Recreation Facility Coordinator will attempt to notify the requesting group of any additional permitting issues.

University Contract (if necessary)
University Related Groups and Non-University Related Groups (Priority Groups 3 and 4) will be required to review and sign a contract for use of any Campus Recreation facility. Other classification groups may be required to review and sign a contract depending on the details of the reservation. Additional permits such as food permits, vendor permits, or inflatable permits may be necessary in addition to the contract.  Representative from University Guest Services and/or the Campus Recreation Facility Coordinator will attempt to notify the requesting group of any additional permitting or contractual issues.

Insurance Requirements
The renter (Licensee) agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Florida Board of Trustees, The Florida State University, their staff, and employees, from any and all claims, liabilities, and causes of action for personal injury or property damage of whatever nature allegedly arising from the negligent acts or omissions of Licensee or Licensee’s officers, agents, representatives, employees, invites or persons contracting with Licensee, Licensee shall provide Licensor with evidence of insurance naming the Florida State University Board of Trustees and The Florida State University as additional insured’s and protecting Licensor against the aforesaid claims in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 per person, $2,000,000 per occurrence.  For state agencies (including schools in the State/County System),  the Licensee shall carry liability insurance with a minimum limits of $200,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence.  Evidence of this insurance shall be attached to and made a part of this agreement prior to execution by The Florida State University.  No license shall be created by this agreement until it is executed by both parties.

Rental Fees & Deposits
View the Campus Recreation Facility Rental Fee Schedule (PDF) for specific rates for each group.

Group Classification
For the purposes of deposit collection and fee assessment, reserving groups shall be classified according to the aforementioned priority group structure with the following additions and clarifications:

For events in which 50% or more of the scheduled games or matches or 50% or more of the attendees are non-FSU affiliates (students, faculty, staff, spouses, and dependents), such events will be classified as Mixed Participant Events. Mixed Participant Events will be billed based on the University-Related Groups & Organizations pricing structure.

Deposits are included in the Rental cost and will only be retained if an event is cancelled after the cancellation deadline.
Sport Clubs Events, $25.00, Due 14 Days Prior
University Groups & Organizations, $25.00, Due 14 Days Prior
University-Related Groups & Organizations, $100.00 or 10% *, Due 28 Days Prior
Non-University Related Groups & Organizations, $100.00 or 10% *, Due 28 Days Prior
* 10% of Total Estimated Rental Charge, Whichever is Greater

Failure to Pay for the Rental by the Appropriate Date Will Result in the Cancellation of the Reservation

Field Space Rental Fees
For purposes of reserving and invoicing, the definition of one (1) field is as follows:
Rec SportsPlex: 1 field = 1 softball field, 1 championship field, or 1 multipurpose (IM) fields
Main Campus Fields: 1 field = 1 quadrant of the complex
Westside Courts: 1 court = 1 tennis courts or 1 basketball courts or 1 sand volleyball court.
Speicher Tennis Complex = 1 court = 1 tennis court
Rec SportsPlex Festival Space: Entire festival space area
Tully Gym: 1 court = 1 basketball or 1 volleyball court

For purposes of reserving and invoicing, the definition of one (1) day and one (1) hour is as follows:
1 Hour = 1 to 60 minutes.  Hours will be counted in whole increments (i.e. 1 hour and 25 minutes = 2 hours of reservation time).
1 Day = 7 or more hours in a calendar day (24-hour time period beginning at 12:01 am and ending at 12 Midnight).

Facility Supervisor / Facility Attendant Fees
Campus Recreation will employ a facility supervisor(s) and/or a facility attendant(s) for all facility reservations to assist with facility issues and in emergency situations.  Campus Recreation reserves the right to determine the number of facility supervisors assigned to a particular event depending on the nature and scope of the event.

Lighting Fee
For activities that require field lighting, an additional charge will apply.

Field Setup & Setup Fees
Campus Recreation staff may be able to set the fields up for the event depending on the timing and nature of the event.  Field preparation is included in the rental rate for select sports fields.  Other field preparation including painted or chalked field lines requires payment of a field preparation fee.  All field lining must be completed by Campus Recreation staff; renting groups may not apply paint / chalk / lines to any spaces on their own.

Campus Recreation staff will provide field preparation only if the field paint or chalk does not interfere with intramural or sport club events previously scheduled and the Campus Recreation staff is available to provide such service.

Facility Clean-up & Equipment Storage Fees
For events that include a large number of attendees, Campus Recreation may assess a dumpster rental fee per dumpster in order to accommodate trash produced by group attendees.

Non-Campus Recreation equipment remaining at a Campus Recreation facility more than 72 hours after the conclusion of a facility reservation will be subject to a per day equipment storage fee assessed to the reserving party.

Recurring Field Preparation Charges
Sport clubs and other student organizations that are regular users of an outdoor facility may request ongoing lining of a practice or competition field throughout a semester. A Semester Field Preparation Fee of $250.00 shall be charged for each field location requested. Payment of the fee entitles the group to a maximum of 8 field linings per semester. Additional linings are billed at the regular field preparation rates. Requesting groups shall submit payment and a preferred field lining schedule with any practice space requests at the beginning of the semester. Clubs may designate particular weeks in which they would prefer the field relined; specific days are not accepted (due to weather and staffing constraints). Should Campus Recreation be unable to provide at least 6 field linings in the semester, an appropriate credit shall be issued to the organization for future use. No refunds will be issued, nor will the fee be reduced for groups that request less than 8 linings in a semester.

Vendor Fee
The Vendor Fee is necessary when outside, non-university vendors are being used at an event to sell food, merchandise, and other goods.  Food and drink vendors must need to be approved by the Assistant Director for Competitive Sports Facilities and the FSU Environmental Health and Safety Office. Vendors must provide proof of insurance.

All University Related Groups and Organizations and Non-University Related Groups and Organizations (Priority Groups 3 & 4) will be taxed at the current rate (7.0 to 7.5%) unless a tax exempt certificate is provided at the time of deposit.

Equipment Rental / Checkout
The group or organization reserving the space is responsible for making arrangements for any special service or equipment through the appropriate campus service departments. Campus Recreation has a limited amount of sports equipment available for check-out. Groups should inquire about the availability of equipment at the time the facility reservation is made. A fee may be associated with the checkout of equipment and/or materials.

Tent Use Policy
The use of large tents is prohibited, specifically the tents that require large stakes (over 12 inches) for stabilizing purposes. The use of the smaller, portable “tailgate” tents is permissible in approved locations.

Rec SportsPlex Tournament Building Use
For events at the Rec SportsPlex, reserving groups can request the use of the Tournament Building as part of the event for no additional charge. During such events, the Tournament Building will be primary administrative building for event personnel. The East and West Field Houses will serve in a supplementary capacity for restrooms and concessions only, as needed. Use of the Rec SportsPlex Tournament Building for other functions not associated with a field event is governed by the RSP Tournament Building Guidelines, available separately.

Facility Supervision of the Event
At least one Campus Recreation Facility Supervisor is required to be present to supervise the facility during a group’s reservation.  The staff member(s) will unlock/lock the facility and provide assistance in the event of an emergency.  A facility supervisor is required for all groups with a facility reservation during periods without concurrent intramural sports activities, depending on the proximity of the event to the intramural activity that is taking place.  Campus Recreation will determine if more than one supervisor is needed based on the nature and scope of the event.  An hourly charge based on group classification will be assessed to groups for the facility supervisor(s).

Security Personnel
Depending on the scope of the event, user groups may be responsible for providing security for the event. This determination will be made by the Campus Recreation staff in conjunction with the FSU Police Department as a part of the event approval process. If it is determined that security is necessary, groups will be charged a minimum of $30 per hour per officer for a minimum of 3 hours.

Sports Medicine / Athletic Training Personnel
Sports medicine services may be required at the expense of the reservation holder at the discretion of the Facility Director.

Concessions & Food
Groups desiring to provide or sell food and/or drinks must to notify the Facility Coordinator of their intent during the reservation process and obtain a food permit from the FSU Environmental Health and Safety Office, when necessary.  A concession area may be available for groups to use.  Use of the concession area must be coordinated with the Facility Coordinator prior to the event. Food is only permitted in specific areas at Campus Recreation outdoor facilities

Conditions for Facility Use
The sponsor of the event/reservation is responsible for the actions of the participants.  In addition, all participants should be informed of and shall adhere to published university and FSU Campus Recreation policies, regulations, guidelines, and local, state and federal laws. Failure to adhere to said regulations may result in immediate termination of the event.

Rental parties and related participants are only permitted to enter the facility within the designated time of the reservation. Reserving parties shall include set-up and breakdown time as part of the reservation. Access to facilities for delivery of equipment or event set-up is only available through prior arrangement.

Should your event be delayed due to weather or some unforeseen circumstance, the facility supervisor has the authority to extend your requested time. All outdoor facilities will be opened by Campus Recreation employees. If the facilities are not vacated in a reasonable amount of time at the conclusion of the reservation period or upon other request, FSU Police will be notified.

Any group approved to use the facilities will be responsible for returning the facility to its pre-event condition.  All groups are responsible for any related facility or field clean-up.  Non Campus-Recreation equipment must be relocated to designated non-playing areas at the conclusion of the reservation and must be removed from the facility within 72 hours of the event. Access to facilities for removal of equipment is only available through prior arrangement. Reserving parties which do not remove equipment by the established deadline are subject to an equipment storage fee assessed daily.

“Unsatisfactory condition” is defined as an area that is not properly cleaned, and equipment or space that is not properly returned to the condition it was in prior to the group’s arrival.  A Campus Recreation representative will make the determination and has the final say as to the condition of the facility and equipment used.  Groups leaving spaces in “unsatisfactory condition” will lose their reservation deposit and may be assessed a cleaning fee depending on the extent of the damage.

Use of Facilities by Minors
Children under the age of 18 may not use the facility unless a waiver form has been completed by a parent or legal guardian.  In addition, proof of proper insurance must be provided for any event involving children under the age of 18.  Please consult the Facility Director for specifics on how to obtain these waivers.

Inclement Weather
For outdoor events, inclement weather may make field conditions unsafe for participants or create the possibility for damage to the facility, which may prevent a group with a prior reservation from using a Campus Recreation facility.  During periods of inclement weather, decisions to open or close the facility will be made by a Campus Recreation representative.  A facility may be closed during an event if weather conditions warrant.  To inquire about facility availability, persons are advised to call the IM RainLine at 850-645-RAIN.  Groups are strongly encouraged to have alternate arrangements made in the event that the Campus Recreation facility is closed due to inclement weather.  Deposits for events cancelled outright due to inclement weather will be fully refunded to the requesting group.  For events interrupted or cancelled due to inclement weather, costs will be based on the actual time and space used.

Use of Vehicles
Florida State University requires that the operation of University vehicles (full-size and UTVs) is to be done by University Employees. Additionally Campus Recreation does not allow any full-size vehicles to enter the playing area or any area that is not deemed suitable for vehicle traffic. This policy also applies to the use of towable vehicles.

Invoicing and Payment
Final payment of all charges must be arranged at least 48 hours prior to the reservation.

Cancellations must be made by the request deadline (14 or 28 days prior to the event date).  Groups that cancel after the request deadline date or fail to use their reservation will forfeit the entire deposit amount.