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If you like nature and hiking, then this is the trip for you! The “Garden of Eden” hike has the most topographic variation in Florida and is great for both beginners and experienced hikers. This trail is stunningly beautiful and gives you the chance to see Florida wildlife and...


Explore Tumbling Rock Cave’s unique underground ecosystem in Alabama. We will spend a full day climbing, crawling, and shuffling through 6 miles of mapped cave. This adventure is filled with fascinating sights: an underground river system, The Topless Dome, Mount Olympus and more!   All registered participants receive additional...


Join us on an adventure of the beautiful Florida Caverns where we will tour the Florida Caverns and see the dazzling stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone and other fragile cave-drip formations. The state park also has hiking trails in which we will see the beautiful rocky bluffs that tower above the...


OP’s annual ski trip is back once again! We will be bussing everyone up to Beech Mountain, NC for a day of skiing and snowboarding. We will be staying in resort condos with shuttle transportation between the mountain and all parts of the town. This is our most popular...


Wilderness First Aid Certification Course Prepare for the unexpected with this fun, hands-on introduction to wilderness medicine, taught over two or two and a half days. If you like to take short trips relatively close to medical resources, work at wilderness camps, enjoy weekend family outdoor activities, or recreate...

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Custom Adventure Trips

Is your group looking for a new and unique experience?  Our Outdoor Pursuits team can design trips that help your group grow and develop new skills that are fun and adventurous! Submit a request to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work up some options! Groups sizes of up to 36 people are possible.

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