Florida State University’s Fitness program offers a variety of training options for students and members from one-time consultations to regular personal training sessions. Our entire staff is comprised of nationally-accredited, certified personal trainers.

One-Time Fitness Coaching Sessions

  • Educational sessions to help you learn about different equipment, fitness, and training principles.
  • A great start for members new to fitness, or current members looking to enhance their existing workout plans.
  • One FREE 90-minute session available to all FSU students.  A 60-minute session is available for $12 for non-students.
  • Work one-on-one with a Fitness Coach and have them design a 4-week workout routine tailored to your goals and fitness level.
  • Use the designed program as a guideline for your independent workouts. 
  • When you’re ready for an update, schedule a 60-minute follow-up session for just $10 (students) or $12 (non-students).

No application is required. For a one-time fitness coaching session, simply stop by the Fitness Desk in the Leach Center or Fitness & Movement Clinic to speak with a staff member and sign-up!

PT Sampler: Free Personal Training Sessions

  • All FSU students are eligible for our PT Sampler – 2 FREE personal training sessions with a nationally-accredited, certified personal trainer – while applications last.
  • This free PT Sampler package is available only ONCE to each FSU student.
  • A great step towards developing a more robust and comprehensive workout plan.

Stop by the Fitness Desk at the Leach Center or the Fitness and Movement Clinic to speak with one of our Fitness Staff to sign up.  Applications are available throughout the semester on a space-available basis.

Personal Training Sessions

Want our top-of-the-line personal training services? Our nationally-certified personal trainers are ready to help you improve your workout routine, offering new and innovative exercises to help you reach your specific fitness goals.  See our Personal Training Sessions page for more details. 

Personal Training Packages & Rates   Personal Training Interest Form

Fitness Assessments

Our Fitness team provides several assessments to help you establish a baseline for a workout plan or track your progress towards a sensible fitness goal. Fitness assessments are available for students, members, and non-members, some free, others at varying rates.

  • Build: Assess your body composition with our quick skinfold test or the advanced Bod Pod measurement.
  • Fitness: Evaluate your overall fitness and wellness with our Polar Tri-Fit test which examines the five components of fitness.
Fitness Assessment Information

Olympic Lifting

FSU Fitness offers Olympic lifting in the Leach Center with 2 platforms in the Annex area. The Olympic lifting area is a monitored, controlled space where FSU students and Campus Rec members may perform Olympic-style lifts after meeting certain safety criteria. Each Olympic lifter must be approved by FSU Campus Recreation prior to lifting.

Learn more about Olympic Lifting including rules, reservation times, skills classes, and skills test sessions.

Olympic Lifting Information