FSU Campus Recreation Staff

Personal Trainers

Amelia Ahlert

  • Major: Civil/Environmental Engineering

  • Hometown: Norman, OK

  • Certification: NSCA-CPT

“I ran track and cross country in high school and started lifting in my freshman year, so I have experience in cardio and weight training. I started training with kids and student athletes and was able to train under one of the authors of the NSCA textbook. I like to make workouts that are fun but challenging. My favorite part about lifting is feeling satisfied and proud of myself after and knowing that I am taking care of my body.”

Dylan Battle

  • Major: Real Estate & Finance
  • Hometown: Oxford, CT
  • Certification: NSCA-CPT

“I originally was an athlete at my past university so I have always had a passion for working out. I am a big believer in the longevity of training so I aim to perform each workout properly and like to train for functionality and athleticism. I generally take a bodybuilding approach when I train and plan workouts but like to mix in exercises to increase certain athletic abilities. Fitness for me is the perfect way to start the day because it is one positive activity already done and the day has just started. I am also a F-45 coach at the FMC, I hope to see you in some my classes!”

Amanda Blakes

  • Major: Marketing
  • Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
  • Certification: NSCA

“I became a personal trainer to help people reach their fitness goals and enjoy the process. The gym should be a place to feel confident and push yourself in ways you have never done before. I highlight the importance of self-growth physically and mentally during exercise. I am also an F45 coach here at FSU!”

Giovani Bovenzi

  • Major: Information, Communication, & Technology

  • Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

  • Certification: NSCA

“Coming from an athletic background, I like to program functional fitness exercises to help my clients look, feel and perform better. Just like Deion Sanders says, “look good, feel good, play good!” Consistency and progressive overload are the two things I preach the most. Everyone has different goals, so I always do my best to tailor my programs/training style to each client’s wants and needs.”

Heather Dempsey

  • Major: Exercise Physiology

  • Hometown: New Milford, CT

  • Certification: ACSM

“As a personal trainer, my goal is to give my clients the resources and opportunities necessary to be successful in their fitness goals. I enjoy training clients who are new to the gym and looking for the confidence and guidance to feel comfortable going to the gym on their own, or those with some experience looking to learn and improve. With the right environment and mindset, fitness can become a valuable passion. By teaching new ways to exercise, creating a foundation for the future, or writing programs to help those with experience improve their performance, I hope to help people find this passion for fitness as well!”

Hailey Draisin

  • Major: Public Health
  • Hometown: Orlando, FL
  • Certification: NSCA-CPT

“As a trainer, my goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and confident in the gym. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle I can help! Whether you are experienced or have never been in the gym before, I will make your workouts tailored to you. I hope to make you excited about fitness and I want you to have fun and look forward to your next session.”

Lauren Fuhrman

  • Major: Sports Nutrition

  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

  • Certification: NASM

“I want to push you to reach goals you never thought possible for yourself. I like to incorporate fun, challenging fitness programs that are personalized based on your desires. I believe with my athletic background and knowledge in fitness I can help you become the strongest version of yourself. My end goal is for you to not need me anymore. That means I have done my job.”

Ashley Hendrix

  • Major: Athletic Training
  • Hometown: Naples, FL
  • Certification: NASM

“I have such a passion for fitness and I want to help others become passionate as well. A big goal of mine is getting my clients to feel more confident in themselves and get them to look forward to their workouts. I always strive to make the workouts fun and enjoyable but still challenging! I love pushing and challenging my clients to limits they didn’t know they were capable of getting to. Seeing clients push themselves and become healthier both mentally and physically is truly so rewarding. I love meeting new people and can’t wait to train with you!”

Kaitlyn Hussung

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: St. Augustine, FL

  • Certification: ACSM-CPT & USAW-1

“I believe that fitness should be fun. Movement is such a great way to help lead a long life and to relieve stress from the day. I strive to find a way that gets you to your goals without seeming like a chore. I also coach Olympic lifting, so if you need any help there, I’m your person!”

Dalal Ibrahim

  • Major: Business Management

  • Hometown: Syria

  • Certification: NSCA

“Whether your goals are looks-oriented (get toned, lose fat..), technical (learn the techniques of lifting safely, learn to power lift…), or mental & emotional (de-stress, learn to love your body, build confidence), I got you. I am grateful that the gym has provided me personally with all of the above and more, and if any of the above apply to you, I get the beginning struggles. As your personal trainer, you can count on me to be positive, motivating, and most important of all supportive and goal-oriented in your fitness journey. Fun fact: My all-time favorite quote that I am always striving to live by is “What You Will Someday Be, You Are Now Becoming”.”

Savanah Jones

  • Major: Exercise Physiology
  • Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Certification: NASM-CPT

“I love working on seeing improvements overtime with clients. This could be working on hitting a new PR or even mental/physical goals! The way I coach is by establishing a goal and then designing programs specifically to reach that goal.”

Kelley McCarthy

  • Major: Nursing

  • Hometown: Orlando, FL

  • Certification: ACSM-CPT

“Hi I’m Kelley! I’m a senior in nursing school here at FSU and find the Leach to be my second home. When I’m not studying, I am working out, coaching F45, or training at the Leach. I have a very encouraging coaching style and will always try to push you to do better. I believe working out should be fun, not stressful, and place high value on the importance of routine and proper form.”

Alyssa Nucci

  • Major: Athletic Training

  • Hometown: Sarasota, FL
  • Certification: ACSM-CPT

“As a personal trainer it is my priority to lead others down their own life-long health and fitness journey. I am a strong believer that fitness isn’t just about being active, but about your overall lifestyle. I create programs that best suit my clients and their specific needs. Fitness has and always will be a major part of my life, and I am a strong believer that consistency, hard-work, and people to support you along the way are necessary for continuing success. Working as a personal trainer is a passion of mine, and it is more rewarding than words can describe to watch my clients’ successes inside the gym travel into all aspects of their life.”

Sarah Rimay

  • Major: Exercise Physiology
  • Hometown: Jupiter, FL

  • Certification: NASM-CPT

“As a personal trainer it is my goal to make clients feel as safe and comfortable in the gym as possible. I enjoy helping individuals realize that fitness doesn’t have to be a task, but rather it can be something to look forward to. Whether you are new to the gym, or are experienced, I can help create a workout plan that works for you! My training style includes strength and resistance training as well as circuit work. I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals and I hope to see you in the gym soon!”

Tony Sablan

  • Major: Cyber Criminology

  • Hometown: Sarasota, FL

  • Certification: NSCA

“Fitness to me is an aspect of my daily life that I am always in control of. No matter what the circumstances are, good or bad day, I know that I am in full control of my fitness journey. My philosophy is all about becoming a better version of yourself every day. Each day that you step into the gym, or your running shoes hit the pavement, you should work to beat the person you were yesterday. It’s about who you are today, and who you want to be tomorrow. I really enjoy planning workouts involving resistance training, as well as circuits. One fun fact about myself is that I just graduated from USMC Officer Candidates School in August 2023.”

Elke Schumacher

  • Major: Political Science & Economics
  • Hometown: St. Augustine, FL
  • Certification: NSCA-CPT

“My passion for fitness developed over years of competitive swimming, but it wasn’t until I began a strength training program that I truly fell in love with the process. My goal as your trainer is to guide, inspire, and support you on your fitness journey. Most of my workouts consist of a variety of movements to help clients improve their muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. No matter what your goals are, we will work together to create a fun, sustainable exercise program to help you achieve them. Fun fact: I was named after a German actress, Elke Sommer”

Nikolas Sutor

  • Major:

  • Hometown: West Chicago, IL

  • Certification:

“Quote Here.”

Malachi Taylor

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Hometown: St. Augustine, FL

  • Certification: NSCA-CPT


Ashley Weber

  • Major: Human Development & Family Sciences
  • Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
  • Certification: NSCA

“As a personal trainer, my goal is to improve my clients’ performance, confidence, and knowledge in the gym. I like to push my clients to show them what they can achieve when they set a goal and work towards it. I have a passion for working out and want to relate this to my clients so that they too have a desire to achieve their highest potential in and out of the gym as it relates to fitness.”